Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Snuggles

Just posting these pics of my girls, just love them to pieces. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Shirts are from Target, I love that they can match now!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wonder-Ful Teacher Gift

Eliza moved up to her new room at school, now that she is in Young PreK. I thought we would start off the year with a little gift to her teachers.

There is no way I could do what they do every day. I barely keep my head above water with 1 kid talking to me non-stop...I couldn't handle 10-15-20 all day long!

I was traveling through Target and came across these mugs

To think these women are anything short of Wonder Woman would be crazy. They are the ones who take care of my child when I am not there. They make decisions with what they feel is best for her. They teach her and help her stretch her imagination and expand her brain. I am forever in debt to them.

I decided to snag the mugs and attach a cute little note to them. I made the note using this editable tag. I love the teacher files they have there. So many are free and you can make cute little things for home or school. 

It was a cheap gift, only cost me $7 for the cup but I hope it made their first day a bit more Wonderful!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Here We Come, Young Pre-K

Another school year is here. Though Eliza has been going to the same school/summer camp for the last year, I was still a nervous wreck.

We learned 2 weeks ago that she was being moved out of the Preschool class and into Young Pre-K. We didn't expect her to move classrooms until she was 4 but they decided to move her up early.

Eliza was incredibly excited, her spiel used to be "I am 3.5, which means I am almost 4. When I turn 4, I get to go to Pre-K!" When we sat her down and told her she would be moving up she was thrilled. She was hugging us saying "Thank you! Thank you!", it was awesome.

The day has finally come, tears fell(from me) and she acted like it was a typical Tuesday.

Eliza Marie,

I am so proud of you. Your spirit, energy, love and joy make me so proud to call you mine. You will move mountains my love.  Don't let anyone tell you different, God made you to shine!!

Love always,

Back to school sign by MiBella Designs. Dress by Jessica Inspired Boutique

Monday, June 9, 2014

6 Months Of Love!!

Emelia Michelle, you are 6 months old now! Oh how I am loving this age with you! We met up with Meg from Shone Foto to make sure we captured all of the memories of our little family at this age! I love that in some of the pictures we can see your 2 little teeth, so fun to be able to remember exactly what you looked like at this age.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Year Of 3 Year Old Preschool

If there is one thing I know I did right with Eliza, it is the fact that I put her in Preschool last year. Though she was only 2.5 when she started, I knew she needed it. She needed a place to have her own identity, a place to be with other kids, a place to have structure and direction from someone other than me.

Being 7 months pregnant, moving to a new house, I needed this too. I needed a break a few hours a week for her to be out of the house. I needed to prepare for Emelia, get boxes packed and at the time, deal with Zander being sick.

Preschool was the best choice for us, and I can't believe how much this little pumpkin grew in her very first year.

and just because this outtake still cracks me up...

Friday, May 9, 2014

Emelia-5 Months Old

Emelia Michelle,

Even though I am still writing all of these at 6 months old(see 3 month old for my apologies) I actually do remember last month!!

You are becoming SO SO happy. The baby I have dreamed of is here! You still won't sleep, I swear you think it will kill you! You are a rolling machine, you get across the room in a second, you love to get your head stuck under the tv though. Sissy thinks it is so funny that you can move around the room.

You are sitting up more and more. You can do about 10-15 seconds without falling over.

You are in 3-6 month clothing but still fit in a lot of 3 month stuff. You have the chubbiest cheeks and everyone just loves them!

You wear size 1 and 2 diapers, we could really use size 1.5!!

You have a babysitter named Grace that comes over to help me out. You LOVE her, you don't cry at all, Sissy loves her even more!

Keep growing my bug...maybe if you get bigger you will decide to start sleeping :)

Love you lady bug!

Here are your 5 month photos from Shone Foto, you are getting so big!