Monday, October 31, 2011

Sometimes He Answers Before You Ask

Since I wrote this post last week about Eliza being an only child, it has been on my mind a lot. I read everyone's sweet words and really took them to heart. His plan is just that, HIS plan, and I don't want to try to mess with it.

Months ago I talked to Mark about adoption. After following along to some great blogs about adoption I was really feeling called to it. I explained this to Mark and told him how I was feeling. We are always very open with these things and he told me he wasn't feeling that calling. That was OK with me, we don't always feel the same. It is something that I have always kept in the back of my mind.

Recently Ashley and her family brought their son home from Korea. My heart was overflowing for them. I have followed this journey since the very beginning and was overjoyed to see their dream come true. This has brought me closer to the idea of adoption.

At Church yesterday I decided to write out my prayer for the offering basket. I asked for the Lord to heal  my body so we are able to have more children. I knew this was a prayer that may not be answered but that is OK, it doesn't mean I shouldn't ask.

Mark and I don't share our prayer cards with each other, they are personal, they are between us and the Lord. When we got in the car we started talking and he said
"During Church today I felt something, I realized I would be OK with adopting."
What, What??
"I know this is something you felt called to, and I would be willing to discuss it and look into it."

Now I know God hears us, but man did he hear me quick!! Maybe he knows his plan isn't to heal my body, but he opened another door for us.

With all of this said, we aren't going to jump into it tomorrow. Who knows if we ever will, but to know God opened Mark's heart to adoption gave me such a peace for our future.

UPDATE: How could I love this man any more? The company he works for gives "good job" gift cards when they do something really super awesome. So Mark received one today, you log into a website and pick where you want your card to, in the past we have picked Lowes, Amazon...etc, so he asked where I wanted the card from. I said, you earned it, you pick this time. He decides to split it between Pottery Barn Kids for Eliza, and donating the rest adoption agency!!! We have not even talked about adoption anymore since that 5 minute car ride today, it must be really weighing on his heart. I can hear GOD calling him!


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Popping in from Monkey Do Monday to follow your blog!

That is a really heartwarming update to this post, thanks for sharing :)


jennifer0421 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

New follower from the Mom Blog Monday, your family is beautiful. And i'm glad that the lord has opened both your hearts to be open to adoption, it is such a beautiful thing. I would love to adopt in the further future but my husband is not as open to it as i am. Would love if you'd come visit and follow back! Also i have a couple giveaways going on, one of them is for a bow which i'm sure would look super cute on your daughter!!