Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Plans...

I really don't have too much planned this weekend. The cold weather has kicked my bum this week. From all the screaming I did at Monday Night Football combined with the cold weather,  I think I got a little virus in my throat. I am so thankful that Mark is working from home today, that means right at 530 he will be able to help with Eliza instead of waiting until 630-7 when he usually makes it home. I need the extra hands today.

  • Pick up my mom's dog to watch while she is working
  • Take a much needed nap
  • Celebrate Maddie's Birthday with Eliza
  • Go to bed early
  • Empty out my mom's storage unit for her
  • Use my Groupon for a Halloween Costume
  • Hopefully a trip to Hobby Lobby
  • Grocery Shopping 
  • Get the Sunday paper for coupons
  • Church
  • Lion's Game
I am hopeful that the game on Sunday doesn't make my throat any worse, maybe I will clap a little more then scream this week. 

What are your plans?


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We have been sick here too. Shared some thoughts on being ready for the season the last few days. Might help!

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