Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Review

Time for the weekend review. I sit here with a sad heart after my dear Lions lost for the 2nd time in a row. The game was a disaster, penalty after penalty, horrible plays, and miscommunication. There isn't another home game until Nov 20th, I hope they get it together by then. Aside from that I had a wonderful weekend. We had a lot of great family time and really enjoyed each other. Here is the recap:


  • Make dinner-I think we will try Panera's Cheddar Broccoli Soup
    unfortunately, this was not good. It wasn't bad but it wasn't Panera. Luckily Eliza liked it so I pureed the left overs for her to have this week.
  • I need to run to Joanns for some supplies to finish up a few crafts- Got a few things, very excited to show you some more projects. I listed a few of them here
  • Go pick up my mom's dog for the weekend. She is a flight attendant so we watch her dog while she is gone.
  • Hopefully work on cleaning up the messes I continue to make throughout the week.-HAHAHAHA
  • The Legend of Sleepy Howell We had a lot of fun! You can see pictures here
  • MAYBE go get my nails done while Eliza takes a nap. It is only $5 for a color change so that is my splurge each week.-NOPE
  • Church-Eliza did great in the nursery again. We had to step out about 5 minutes early so I could leave for the game but it was a great message today.
  • Grab the paper for coupons-I talk about couponing here. I really like it and shared some tips with SUYL from Kellys Korner
  • Meal/Grocery plan-hopefully before the night is over.
  • Lions Game
 The start of another week. Not much planned this week, oil change, sprinkler turned off for the winter, pick up my 40#s of chicken(what was I thinking), and our pictures for our Christmas card from Sunbeam Photography. Beth and I were friends in elementary school, we reconnected on Facebook, can't wait to see her.


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Sounds yummy! What do you typically feed Eliza? I know she gets homemade food, but do you ever puree leftovers of what you eat for her? Or does she eat table food? I just started making dinner meals for Easton - up until now it's just been fruits and veggies but last week I pureed leftover chicken and dumplings for him, and we're having spaghetti for dinner tonight and I was gonna puree some for him. I'd love to know what you do for little Eliza!

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She pretty much eats what we eat unless it is something I think will upset her stomach. I give her the opportunity to eat it like we do, obviously smaller bits and portions, but if she is having trouble with the texture I puree it for her. She doesn't really like the texture of meats so I tend to have to puree those. She loves to eat an apple, I take a bite out to get her started then she hold sit and bites with her two little teeth. She was doing really well eating whole foods until recently. She is going through her wonder week and they tend to regress with eating so she prefers purees and bottles right now.