Monday, November 21, 2011

In a Rut-Pretty Random

I feel like I am just in a rut today. I am exhausted and can't get it together.  I have lots of random thoughts floating around...

I am getting frustrated looking for a house. We haven't put ours up, and it isn't near condition to be up, but I keep working to get it there. I watch the listings each week and I can't find anything worth the money. I love our house, hate our neighborhood. If I could take our house and just put it on land our issues would be solved. I feel a bit spoiled with our finished basement and granite kitchen. I see houses without those, asking for more then what I will for our house and I feel like it would be a waste. I thought I found an amazing house today, I talked to our agent about it and then packed Eliza up to go take a look. I loved everything about it, until I realized the neighborhood play structure-basketball court-soccer field was our back yard. No thanks, I like my privacy and don't want to end up watching the neighbors kids daily. Back to the drawing board. Mark is really pushing to move out of state but I am just too comfortable here, I don't know.

Eliza gets to go see her boyfriend and sister in law today : ) Before I was pregnant with Eliza I nannied for a little boy, I started when he was 6 days old. I was there about 50 hrs a week and just fell in love! When I became pregnant with Eliza we knew it would be too much for me to watch them both, they are only 13 months apart, so I left a few months before I had her. They have since had another baby and I can't wait to go meet her. I hope Eliza naps well so we can have lots of fun!

We missed church this week and I feel off, I am glad Pastor Ben has a blog so I can catch up on what he was preaching.

Last week Eliza refused to nap more then about 20 minutes a day for me. Of course, yesterday while I was at the Lions game she took a 4 hour nap for Mark.

OK, I guess that is all, I have to start getting ready for Eliza's date!

Sorry So Random

Eliza's first pedicure...3 months old