Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sew Sew Sweet Saturday-FAIL

This week for S4 I made Eliza some pj pants using my sewing machine. This was the first thing I made on there and was using it as a test run for our Christmas pjs I want to make. I looked at a few tutorials online but since she was asleep I didn't want to wait to measure her.

So I had this brilliant idea, I will just traced a pair of her pants. GENIUS. I traced, cut and sewed them together. They looked great, for my first attempt, until I looked at the size. It wouldn't fit a mouse, let alone her! I didn't take into consideration how much you loose when you make the seams, it was hilarious.

Don't get me wrong, I totally tried to stuff her into them, and I got her in there with a little jiggling of her in the air. She couldn't walk or breathe, and the fluffy butt of the cloth diaper didn't help.

Hopefully the Christmas ones will turn out better. I have this vision of us opening 2 gifts on Christmas Eve, one pair of pjs and one book-Christmas themed of course. Sleeping in our pjs then staying in them all Christmas day. I hope it comes true!

Since, I have no tutorial here are a few things I would love to make from Pinterest.

Pocket Pillowcase

The tutorial I will follow

 Seriously OMG!!

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