Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Thankful!

I wish it didn't take Thanksgiving for us to remember to be thankful. I have noticed a lot of posts about thankfulness now that it is November and I also have seen people listing daily what they are thankful for. I think I will jump on the train, like Courtney, and start a day late.

Today, November 2nd, I want to start off by saying I am so thankful for my families growing relationship with the Lord. Mark and I didn't go to Church before we were married. I knew the Pastor that married us from my old job and I asked him if we would marry us. He agreed to do this, even outside of a Church, as long as we did some premarital counseling with him; we did and really enjoyed them. We tried making it to Church on Sundays but it was a 30 minute drive and that became a good enough excuse each week.

When I became pregnant with Eliza we knew we wanted to build our foundation as Christians for our family. We kept our eyes open for a Church that met our beliefs. A good friend of mine invited me to her Church a few times but we were never able to swing it. We finally made it there and we LOVE it. It is the perfect place for us, laid back but still has all of the right foundation. The Pastor is so passionate, you feel like he is speaking directly to you, and he is.

I love getting up on Sundays and going to Church first thing. I feel like our day is completely different. Mark and I disagree less, show more affection, and watch our words more carefully. It makes me feel like my family is closer, and happier, and really enjoying each other's company.

It should not take Church to remind us how we should act, just like Thanksgiving shouldn't remind us to be thankful, but maybe if we do it more often, it will become second nature.

On a note of Thanksgiving: 


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I have to be honest, hubby & I don't go to church. We have often talked about what a difference it could make in our relationship & our family though. Finding a church and making yourself go is the toughest part. I love your thankful for the day :)

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What a beautiful post!! It was a blessing to read! So thankful for YOU that you found such a wonderful church!

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