Monday, November 7, 2011

Sprout Is Out To Ruin It!

Eliza loves watching The Sunny Side Up Show and FLIPS when Chica is on. She isn't allowed to watch much TV but this is the one thing I just can't turn off. She loves it so much, she claps and screams and smiles, it is awesome. For months I have searched and searched for a Chica doll, I think she would love it more then Elmo. Unfortunately none existed.

Today while getting ready for bed the Sprout channel was on the TV and what do you know a commercial for the LIMITED EDITION Chica doll!! Seriously?!? They are only selling it through Amazon so I knew I had to get on it quick..but is No Spend Second Week of November. DARN YOU SPROUT!!! It is like they are messing with me.

You better believe Monday at 12 AM I will be on Amazon getting my Princess her favorite doll.

I love you my little Chica Beaka Baby