Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for benefits

Today I am thankful for having good health benefits.

I have not had my eyes checked in about 2 years.  I went to have them done last year but they suggested I wait until I have Eliza because your eyes can change quite a bit while pregnant. Man were they right. My prescription really changed, I had to get new contacts, frames, and lenses. I was pretty nervous of how much it was going to cost with all of those exams-air puffs-photos of my eyes-lens-frame-contacts. We haven't used this insurance yet, Mark got a new job right after Eliza was born, so I wasn't 100% how good it would be.

Holy Moly was it worth it, I got all of that for $120 out of pocket!! I can't wait until my glasses come in, I feel blind having to put my old ones back on, I will be able to see Eliza's beautiful face even better now! 

Even though this has nothing to do with glasses, I just love this picture of Eliza from this summer, she was almost 6 months old.


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Just wanted to stop in a say hi! Im visiting from the Sasse life Sunday Social :) This picture is beautiful!