Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful For My Little Miracle

I think most people would have assumed Eliza would be the first thing I am thankful for. She is my world, she is the greatest gift I could have ever received, but I could have never had her without the Lord or Mark.

When Mark and I decided to expand our family we knew it wouldn't be easy. I have been diagnosed with endrometriosis and I also have had to have surgery to remove Ovarian Cysts, neither of these things give you the best odds. When I went to talk to the OB about trying for Eliza he informed me that I would more then likely need surgery to become pregnant. I was OK with that, whatever it takes, but he encouraged us to try for 4 months before we explored that option.

I went home and prayed, I prayed for understanding, I prayed for strength, and I prayed for my child. So time went by and I woke up one day to a complete change-I was pregnant-no doubt in my mind, but how? It was the first month! As I tried to keep calm, and not get my hopes up I went about my days, everyday being more and more sure. At 10 days post ovulation I called my aunt(nurse for gyn) and asked her to give me a blood test. She told me she would call me in the morning with the results but that it was early to tell. I just knew I was, I went home and took a test BAMN positive sign. I KNEW IT!! The next morning she called, I answered "I already know". She said I have no clue how you knew so soon your HCG(prego hormone) is only 12...for those of you who aren't aware, a normal HCG level for 4 weeks pregnant is around 400. I knew my little miracle wanted to be with us!
The card I gave Mark when I told about this for crazy, my due date was actually the 28th, not sure why I wrote the 29th. Eliza ended up being born on the 29th, she knew her plan from the very beginning.

At 6 weeks along I was in excruciating pain. A pain I hadn't felt before-and I was bleeding. It was a Sunday, I remember it so clearly. I was on the couch and Mark was in his office doing homework. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't stand without the pain. I called my aunt, she was very sad but explained I might be having a misscarriage. She said the outlook wasn't good but she would keep me in her prayers. I don't know if I have prayed so hard in my life. I prayed to the Lord to save my baby, I prayed to my Papa, who had passed away a month before, to hold my baby and protect her. We made our way to the ER and waited...and waited...and waited. My HCG levels were at normal rates, and so we went for an ultrasound. They found the babies little bubble but was too small for them to see her. But wait...what is that? Extra fluid...I had a cyst, and it ruptured. PRAISE THE LORD, that is the pain and bleeding I am having. We followed up with the DR weekly for 3 weeks and everything looked great. Little bug was growing right along.

For the next 34 weeks everything went as planned, she wiggled and grew just like she should. 40 weeks came and went and I was induced. As I was put into labor everything was great. I progressed, my water broke on its own, and I slept through most of it. As I was delivering Eliza it was all perfect, the blanket waiting for her on my belly, Mark right near me to cut her cord...but then something was wrong. They had me stop, her heart rate was dropping with each contraction, her cord was wrapped. While still inside they cut her cord from her neck and whisked her away. WAIT!! She is supposed to be on my belly, screaming and flailing, while I comfort her. They closed the curtain behind them and started calling codes over the phone. Drs came rushing in while I sat there in shock with no clue what was happening. I couldn't see her, or hear her. They wouldn't allow Mark to go over there but assured us "everything was fine". No! If everything was fine she would be with us. According to the time stamp on the camera it was a lifetime 17 minutes until I was able to see my baby...but she was perfect. I have a very hard time reliving that day, and I know I block a lot out, but all I care is my baby is perfect. My Papa was holding her in his arms to protect her.

Today, I am Thankful for you Eliza, everything about you. You brighten my world with every breath you take. Your smile, your laugh, your mischievous grin. Everything from your head to your toes I am thankful for. You were my fighter from the very are my little miracle!


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This is beyond sweet! Although we didn't have any major hardships to overcoming having our daughter, I am so thankful for her each and every day. Eliza is a cutie!

Daily Mom

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awwww, love it!