Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful for-Online Shopping

OK, this might not be as sentimental and deep as my other ones but thank goodness for online shopping. Granted, you can't buy everything online, I really wish you could. I just waited in line for an HOUR to have some fabric cut at Joanns. They had 4 people working the counter but it was a mad house! Eliza was not happy to be there, and neither was Mark. They strolled the store-and Sears next door-as I waited. To be honest, I didn't even love the fabric I got; I just settled because I saw the line growing and decided to just grab something so I could jump in. If my coupon hadn't expired today I definitely would have come back; I am assuming that was everyone's thinking. I am sure there are some sites I could have ordered fabric from but my coupon was too good to pass up. 

Some of my favorite online stores are Amazon, ebay, and a new one I found Wayfair. I went Christmas crazy on Wayfairs clearance yesterday. I swear, I am done shopping for her!!

So thank you to the internet Gods who make my life a whole lot easier by allowing diapers, toys, and clothes to magically appear on my door step without having to get out of my pjs.