Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Perfect Day

I had a rare perfect day. I am so thankful for everyday but the ones where NOTHING goes wrong are the best. It started out with Eliza sleeping almost a full 12 hours! She woke up and we were up and on our way to Church. She did great, like always. The message was amazing and we are excited for some up coming events. Here we are on our way there, sorry the pics aren't great, my editing software died with my computer.

The kids group gave us a gift bag with "Happy Birthday Jesus" on the outside, in the bag were supplies to make Jesus a Birthday cake, we are going to make this part of our Christmas Eve tradition. After opening our Christmas pjs we will make the cake then go to bed.

After church we went to a local restaurant to have brunch with Santa. This is our third run with Santa and it has only become progressively worse. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Eliza's reaction when I told her we were going to see Santa

Is it wrong that I am laughing?
Once we left brunch we just headed home and hung out. Mark and Eliza took a nap while I got things done around the house...or watched football. It was nice and relaxing. When Mark and Eliza got up we had dinner and made some brownies. Eliza is such a good helper!!

Gotta taste your product!
We watched the Lions game and I got a LITTLE too into it. When I get anxious I get a LOT of energy and was literally running in circles. Luckily Eliza found it funny and Zander joined in on the fun. At the last second the Lions pulled it out again!!!

When the game was done we went to work on the basement. We have been trying to finish it up. The old owners finished our basement, but the didn't do a great job. So we added new blinds and started organizing  all of her toys. New furniture is coming on Tuesday and it will be a great room for us to hang out in.

While we were in the basement I hooked up an old dvd player and found our wedding dvd. I have not watched it since the day we got it and thought Eliza might enjoy seeing us on TV. I never realized the flood of emotions I would have. Here on this video was my Papa over and over, he passed away 9 months after my wedding. He was just being Papa, dancing in his chair, making faces at the camera, and smiling. I enjoyed showing him to Eliza as more then a picture. I cried like a baby, then texted my mom to make sure she was crying's not fun to cry alone. I think I will watch it more often.

Here are a few photos from while my computer was down. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and enjoy the pictures of Eliza!