Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sew Sew Sweet Saturday-Eliza's Elephant

When I was at Joanns one day I came across a do it yourself kit for stuffed animals. I had just purchased my sewing machine so I figured this would be the best way for me to start. I found an Elephant, my FAVORITE animal, and decided that would be perfect for Eliza.

The kit includes all of the fabric, directions, and the pattern. You need to supply the thread and stuffing.

Sorry I don't have a picture of the kit. I had one on my phone but then Eliza tried to eat it and lost all of my pictures.

So you start off by cutting the fabric to the specified sizes. The instructions are very thorough and tell you the size and shape of each piece and how much for a seam allowance.

You then take your pieces and sew them together, again how the instructions tell you. There is a certain pattern to follow for each piece so they line up properly when you sew it all together.

You will sew the pieces together and then mirror it for the second side.

Once all of your pieces are together you pin them together, inside out.

Then, pin the Elephant pattern onto your inside out fabric.

Cut it out.

While this is pinned you cut your pattern for the ears.

Sew them together inside out and then stuff. At this point I did it a little different then the directions but it all worked out.

You can now sew your Elephant together. It had me insert the ears first but I decided to wait until it was already all sewn together.

Once it was all sewn together you let out a little bit of seam from one of the patches and insert the ear and sew it into place.

It also gave directions on how to make a tail but I didn't like this for Eliza so I left that out.

Once it is all sewn together turn it inside out and stuff it! You can sew up the little hole you stuffed through and you are all set..I am still learning how to sew up that hole nicely but hey its closed!!

I made this for Eliza and put it away for Christmas. It is VERY big, a lot bigger then I ever expected, so it will be interesting seeing her try to carry it around.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, the instructions are very easy to follow and for $10 all together, a great project!!