Monday, December 5, 2011

What We've Been Up To

I have hijacked Mark's computer for a while so I could try to get caught up on some posts. I have some scheduled to post over the next week or so and some great guest posts comping up.

While I have been away we got some great news. My friend Courtney's son Easton is officially cancer free! His surgery went better then could be expected and he will not need Chemo. PRAISE THE LORD!! They are back home and trying to get back to normal. Thank you to all who prayed for them!

I had a nice birthday, very low key. Mark took a lot of time off that week due to my birthday and the holidays he was actually home with us for 5 days straight. He hasn't been home that long since Eliza was born. For my birthday I got the new iPhone4s and 2 charms for my Pandora bracelet. It is very sweet, Eliza got me a baby shoe charm to always remember that was right when she started to walk, and Mark got me an eternity symbol with my favorite color, purple, stone on it. My friend Samara sent me a gift card to Outback, my absolute favorite, so we went there for dinner!

We had a good Thanksgiving. I was able to go to the football game, unfortunately not a win, then we went to a local restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner. One of these days we will get back to cooking!

I went out on Black Friday but not until 11am, after an eye Dr appt. I was able to score Eliza a Mini Cooper Power Wheels for $70...what 1 year old doesn't need that for Christmas?? It was so much fun trying to get it. My sister was looking it up online while I was at the dr and there was only one left at a store 30 min away so I flew drove the appropriate speed limit to get there. I pulled in and BAM front row parking spot, thanks Papa. I ran to the back to find 1 left. I started to pick up the box and there was a man in the aisle laughing. He told me to go get a cart, um no someone will get it! He said he would watch it for me while I got a cart, after I accused HIM of trying to steal it and him assuring me his kids didn't need it I got a cart. He loaded it in for me and I was on my way to the cashier. As I got there I noticed some box damage. Now when I say damage I mean a crinkle in the corner but hey damage is damage when it is meant to be a gift! I asked the poor unsuspecting girl if they do anything for damage, she had me show her the destroyed box, and said they usually do 10% off. I said OK great, well then she decided to ask a manager..sure no problem. She came running back "I can actually do 20%, I didn't tell him how little the damage was". Hey OK!! As I got out to the car I realized this might be a problem. I had borrowed Mark's car instead of my SUV, how will this fit?? As I attempted to get it in the trunk(the seats don't lay down) a husband and wife came over to help. After realizing it wouldn't fit they offered to follow me home with the trunk tied down, when I declined that they even offered to put it in their truck and bring it to the house...I think they were trying to steal it too : ) Once again I could never let someone do that. The husband then realized it would fit in the back seat if we took out Eliza's seat. So he graciously took the seat out and put it in the trunk then loaded the box for me. I had the best Angels around me that day!!

Since then we had our first attempt at homemade Rice Krispy Treats, Eliza enjoyed those and you will see the post for those next week.

Eliza also got to experience her first snow. Obviously it snowed quite a bit when she was first born but we did not let her play in it, I know we suck. I wasn't sure how she would do this winter so I didn't want to buy expensive gear so I got a Circo coat, Columbia snow pants, and Columbia mittens on eBay for $20. That morning we bundled her up and sent her out to play. She was pretty confused but I think she enjoyed it...the whole 5 minutes I allowed her to be out there.

HOPEFULLY we will have my computer up and running again soon so I can get back to my normal posting.

Thanks for catching up with us!