Tuesday, December 6, 2011

White Chocolate Covered Rice Crispies!

Thanks for stopping by guys. I thought of this recipe as I was thinking of treats for Eliza's birthday. Her birthday is going to be Winter ONE-derland, so I wanted winter themed treats. I love the thought of Rice Crispy treats but that is kind of boring, so I decided to dip them in chocolate and cover them in sprinkles!! I did a trial run to see how it would go, and what I would change, before her birthday next month.


6 C Rice Crispies
4 C Mini Marshmallows
3 T Butter
1 Bag White Chocolate Melts

Start off making your Rice Crispy Treats like you normally would. Melt your butter on low.

Add in your marshmallows, stir until they melt and then remove from the heat.

Add in your Rice Crispies, I did half at a time to make sure they really got covered.

Once they are mixed well lay them out on wax paper, smooth them out with a buttered spatula to the thickness that you want. Allow them to cool.

While waiting for them to cool melt your chocolate. I put it in a microwave safe bowl and stirred it every 45 seconds until all the way melted.

Pour your sprinkles into a bowl as well.

Use your snowflake cookie cutters to cut your shape. OK...I have over 200 cookie cutters yet I didn't have a snowflake!?!? I am not sure how this happened, and of course I didn't check before I started because clearly I would have one...I used flower and star shapes to try to look like a snowflake.

Take your "snowflake" dip it in chocolate then in your sprinkles and lay back on the paper.

Do this for all of them and then place them in the fridge to cool.

All done! They taste SO good, I like them so much more with the chocolate on them!

What I would do different:
Obviously I would make sure I have the correct cookie cutter
I would have allowed them to cool a little longer before dipping in chocolate, I probably would have let them sit in the fridge for a bit too. They were a little warm still and smooshed together as I picked them up.

Our cooking theme song today

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