Friday, January 27, 2012

House For Sale!

Well, it is for sale in my head! Gosh I am so ready to move. Can I just take our house with us and find a big piece of property and plop it down??

Eliza has been sleeping really really well lately but the other night she woke up at 1am hysterical. I went to comfort her and it took a bit but I got her back down. I was exhausted and did the zombie walk back to bed. She doesn't wake up until about 9 so I was going to take advantage and sleep in. That was until the neighbor boy decided to start playing basketball at 8am.

These people are so incredibly rude. When they installed their basketball hoop(for their child who plays every sport but is terrible so he quits each one) they installed it right under our bedroom window. So when Michael Jordan he misses the ball goes in our yard and my garden. When they play football in the back yard they have our yard be the end zone. This means if Zander wants to go out we have to walk out with him so that they don't get in his face. My dog isn't the nicest, I am aware, he stays on a leash at all times, but I shouldn't have to worry about kids playing in my yard when he is outside. Their kids also enjoy climbing OUR tree. We have a big Willow in our backyard, and the neighborhood decides it is their jungle gym. We have talked to so many parents and kids about staying out of it but they just don't listen. If it wasn't such work I would just cut it down.

So with that house is for sale, still only in my head though. BUT if any of you would like to buy it...It is a great neighborhood with great neighbors, and REALLY quiet : )


The Lindsey Family said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Just a thought... maybe you should let your perfectly behaved doggy off the leash from time to time... a couple of encounters with a barking dog might make your willow tree less attractive.

Too harsh?