Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Did It!!

For once I didn't give in!

Tuesday mornings are a little bit hectic for me. I take Eliza to swim class and I tend to leave getting ready to the last minute. As I was walking out the door I realized I forgot to take chicken out to defrost for dinner. There was no way it would be ready for dinner when Mark got home. Last month I would have said oh well let's go out for dinner but not this month! I looked at this weeks plan and found what I could make and be ready, so instead of Salsa Chicken we will be having Chili. This might not sound like much to you but this was huge for me. I tend to give up on things really easily when it doesn't go my way.

In other great "goal" news Eliza just laid down for her second nap with no pacifier. I am not sure why I have decided now is the time, but I feel she doesn't need it anymore. She doesn't use it in the car any longer so why use it in bed? We have only used a pacifier for sleep, she knows if she wants to get out of her bed she has to take her pacifier out, lately before I open the door she has already taken it out. With Eliza having 8 teeth already the dr wants to make sure we really take care of them and suggested we get rid of bottles all together so pacis are going too!

And on a total off note Eliza did amazing at swim today. I feel she will only learn if I allow her to do things so she does everything the other kids do(she started the class one month after they did). Today I helped/encouraged/let go of my little fishy and let her learn to swim. While she was under water I let go, she had to swim herself and she did it!!! She swam to the wall and pulled herself out and clapped. Before anyone freaks out she was only about 3 feet away and I had two instructors by my side when I let go, but she was ready and SO proud of herself!!

I hope you are all able to keep up on your goals, but remember if you fall off the boat tomorrow is always a new day to try again!!


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Good for you Kalyn! Thanks for inspiration and for guest posting on my blog today!!