Monday, January 30, 2012


So I have realized I have been pretty MIA this past week. We have been pretty busy, but at the same time haven't done much.

We have been doing pretty well with keeping on our meal plan. Dinner was AMAHZING last night here is the recipe for the Pork Chops I made. So quick easy and inexpensive. Eliza even ate them which is my test. Today is Mark's birthday and he requested we get Panera soup for dinner. I can't say I refused! I am having something made for his birthday and unfortunately it won't be here for another week or so. Luckily he doesn't mind, I think he actually forgot about his birthday!

Last night I put on my butt kickin' boots(OK my sneakers) and went to the Gymboree Box Sale. If any of you aren't familiar, this is where they take out all the clearance that has been packed away in boxes in the back and you dig through it for great prices. It can be worse then Black Friday! I trucked about 30 miles east to the closest store, in a snow storm(up hills both ways right?) only to find it was a total bust. They barely had ANYTHING. I was so bummed. We are taking a trip down to Myrtle Beach this summer to meet up with my best friends family and I wanted some clothes for Eliza. I was able to get some super cute shoes and lots of hair bows but other then that, total downer.

An update on gorgeous Nella Hampton. Kelle just posted on Facebook, as I typed this-

"The generosity of one person's $10,000 donation just allowed us to reach our goal of 2 for 2. Humbled, inspired, grateful. Thank you, everyone, who made this possible. Holdin' up my coffee cup and toasting to kindness, opportunity...the future. Cheers"

Instant chills! How amazing is that?? Thank you for everyone who donated and the ones who wish they 

I have been gathering up some craft supplies for my upcoming tutorials. I can't wait to show you the ones I have planned for St. Pattys Day and Easter! I found this amazing gal who makes some pretty cool things!

Now to my favorite little monkey. Here are a few things she has been up to...
Playing with the puppies at the mall.

Stealing Chocolate.

Learning to eat a banana.

Learning to feed herself..

And playing the Kazoo...

So besides normal life keeping me busy my wreaths have really taken off. I have a total of 9 that have to be sent out or delivered this week. Yea!

Since you all stick with me, with the good the bad and sometimes crazy I wanted to offer you a little something. If you want to order a wreath, any holiday/season or custom order, I am giving you 12% off (for 2012, and yes it was totally 11% at first because I forgot it is no longer 2011). All you have to do is type in coupon code BLOG2012 at check out! Any custom orders I am up for-Sports Teams, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, you name it I can make it! Just go to my store to order! Here are a few new styles:
Easter or Spring

4th of July and Memorial day

St Pattys Day

Thanks for everything you have done for me and all the great responses!!