Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Organization App

Eliza has her 1 year check up today. I made the appointment 3 months ago and saved it on my calendar on my phone. Well, since then I have had 2 phones, thanks Eliza, and lost the appointment time. Luckily the dr called Friday to remind me, but of course I was half listening due to chasing the monster and didn't hear the time. I had to call first thing this morning to find out when we would be going.

I need a new way to save this info! Yes, they offer the little cards with the info on it but I tend to loose those before getting to the parking lot. So I started researching apps and found the Cozi app!! It is a FREE app for phones iPads and your computer. It has a calendar where you can input your information for each family member and it color codes it depending on person, it even sends you email or text reminders!

I also love that it has a shopping list feature. You can make separate lists depending on the store which is great to keep track of weekly sales. This will be a big help for my monthly meal planning!!

They have a feature of todo lists. I have 100 things I need to do but once I leave the house I forget half of them, it will be great that all of this will be stored in one place.

My favorite part of this app is you can access it online! So if the monster gets to my phone I will still be able to look up online what appointments I had!

I hope you guys check this app out, it is already making life easier!!

This post is not endorsed by Cozi. They did not ask me to write it, I just really enjoy their product.


christymg said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks! I have been debating between buying a new day planner or looking for a calendar app since my old day planner has been getting less and less use lately. This one was perfect.