Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slip Ups..

Well, I am embarrassed to say I have slipped up with some purchases this week. We are having Eliza's 1 year pictures done and I never feel the clothes I have are special enough. I am always a bit overboard with her outfits, so I want to make sure she looks great.

Eliza's newborn photo by Emily Dowd
Eliza's 3 month photo by Emily Dowd

Eliza's 6 month photos by Emily Dowd

As I was out shopping for an outfit I came across Gymboree's sale. Seriously they kill me! They have the greatest clothes, so cute and such great quality. I was sucked in when I saw they had long sleeve shirts for $2.99. How can I pass those up?? I stocked up on shirts for next winter, she is set for clothes! I also found some headbands for her. I never thought her head was big enough for headbands but they look SO cute!!

This is her playroom, I swear my house isn't this messy
So besides a few things of clothing I did pretty good...until we got pizza for dinner one night. I will say it was the day before Eliza's birthday party-my sister and brother in law were over decorating-and the last thing I wanted to deal with was cooking. We didn't expect to be working so late, and the football game came on so pizza was the answer.

I am still really proud of myself  us!! We are back on track now. No more clothes and dinner is still set for the month. I am loving all of the new recipes that we have been trying, this was definitely one of my favorites. Creamy Herb Chicken

Now that all of our plans are finished I am hoping Mark will fix my computer so I can get back to normal posting. I am looking forward to this weeks Sew Sew Sweet Saturday!! Since we have no snow, I will bring it to us! Make sure to check it out.

I hope you have a great week, here are a few more photos of the princes...just because I love her!!

Making faces at herself in the camera

Growing up SO fast!

Reading her favorite book "fairy kindness"

Watching her Lions on her pillow pet

My little ET
Talking on the phone to her girlfriends