Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday-LOVE!

Thanks for stopping by this week. I have a very easy, cheap, and cute tutorial.

It is nothing original, I have seen a lot of different variations, but I just love it!

Isn't it super cute?


Paper Mache Letters-lots of different sizes at Joanns
Scrapbook Paper
Paint-I used regular paint, spray paint would have been better if it wasn't 10* outside
Hot Glue
Spray Adhesive

Start out by painting the edges of your letters. Make sure you paint a little bit on the front around the edges in case your paper doesn't fit perfect...am I the only one who can't cut straight?

Let them dry, I actually did two coats. While drying, go work on another project!

OK they are dry...next step. Lay your scrapbook paper face down, you don't want the pencil on the good side. Also lay your letter face down as well, don't want the shape to turn out backwards. You can now trace the shape. Try to line it up with an edge, less to cut, and it leaves more room in case you need to do it twice...again am I the only one who can't cut straight?

Once your letter is cut out spray your letter AND paper letter and lay them together. I decided not to use Mod Podge as it gets very wet and the paper tends to wrinkle. I am sorry but I don't have a picture of this step. I was too scared to have evidence of using spray glue on my kitchen table!

The glue dries fairly quickly but to ensure it is dry and not going to move on you, go work on another project!

Everything all dry? Great! Time to assemble the letters. You can do it however you want, just remember you need the bottom letters to be flat and even on the bottom so it can stand up. There aren't too many variations but here are the two I was debating between:

Obviously I picked the lower one! Once you have it how you want it glue it all together. I started by gluing the E to the V then the L to the V then the O to the E and gluing the O to the L by "caulking" it. Once it was dry I flipped it on its belly and glued the back all together, anywhere two letters touched I glued the seam together. If I had popsicle sticks I would have glued those on for support as well...but its cold out so we don't eat popsicles right now.

And here it is, in Eliza's bedroom. This is the space we put her holiday decorations. Santa came down and LOVE went up!!


Daily Mom said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I LOVE it...hehe. What a fun (and easy-ish?) project!

Brandi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Such a sweet craft idea! I love the glittered paper!