Friday, January 6, 2012

When Does Saving Start To Cost You??

As we are trying to save money more and more I am keeping my eye out for good deals. As I was on one of my coupon blogs I saw a great deal on toilet paper from amazon( sorry I cant link up but look up couponing to Disney). As I started to go to Amazon to snag the deal I stopped and thought about it. I have SO much toilet paper, never thought I would say that on a blog, I stocked up during the last sale. I literally had to have help leaving Walgreens with my CASES of tp! So, technically do I need the toilet paper? No. Is it smart to stock up at a good price though? I guess? I actually think this would be spending money I didn't need to spend and decided to skip the deal. If you coupon how much do you stock up? On things that expire I don't stock up too much, we don't tend to go through it in time, but on things that don't expire I am torn on how much to have.

I had to laugh at myself on Wednesday when I was trying to save money. Mark texted me when he got to work and he was bummed, he forgot his lunch and his headphones. I felt bad, that is a long day without lunch and I didn't want to break our streak by having him go out to eat. So, I packed up Eliza and drive him his lunch and headphones. As I got in the car I saw I needed gas so I went and filled up, $55.00, and was on my way. As I was driving I just had to laugh, Mark works 48 miles away, ONE WAY!! How could this possibly be saving us money?? I went through about a quarter tank of gas on the way there and back which means about $15 in gas to take him his lunch, he could have gone out to eat 3 times for that amount! I definitely learned a lesson but it was nice for Eliza to see him and to get a quick hug during the day!


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I typed a whole comment to this, but it made me "select a profile" and then when I put in my wordpress info, it lost my comment and said I had to go to and log in there. Just thought you should know, since that is super annoying!

What i had said last time was...

When I used to work at QL, all employees went to an orientation with Dan Gilbert (the owner). He went through all of his "ism"s, and discussed what each what meant to him. Here are two things he believes:

1. what you focus on becomes real
2. a penny saved is a penny

He went on to explain that if you focus on saving a penny, you've got a penny. But if you spend that time focusing on making money instead, you have the potential to have a lot more money in the long run. With the people on those shows who do couponing like a full time job... are they really saving the amount of money they could be making by working full time or starting a business? This is something I think about with my business a lot: how much time to spend on being frugal, and how much time to spend making and selling product. It's a tough line :)

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@me. thank you so much for your comment, that is a great way to look at it. I am sorry about the goof with the comment, I will contact google blogger!