Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Only my kid trips and falls in the milk bowl

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday-Spring Forward

Who wants to play a game? We will call it "I have NEVER"! I will tell you things I have done and if you have done it or had it happen to you then you buy yourself a new craft project to make yourself feel better!

I had ALL of these great St Patrick's Day craft ideas ready to go. I went to the store and bought my supplies and got started. This was the result of the first one:

Has this ever happened to you? Your can of spray paint goes INSANE and sprays everywhere BUT the right direction...even on the garage floor, Oh Just Kidding Mark! I wasn't spray painting in the garage because it was WAY too cold to go outside : D So has that happened to you? Your project is destroyed by a haywire can of paint, if so buy yourself something!

So that plan was scrapped....even after I tried it again and it did the same thing! Oh what? You have tried things more then once and it had the same outcome..isn't that like the definition of insanity??

OK enough complaining, lets get on to the tutorial!

Oh wait..another I Have Never! Have you seen all of these amazing wood crafts out there and think I can totally do that? Then you realize you don't have a jigsaw and you cut the tip of your finger off with hedge clippers and think it isn't a good idea to buy a saw? What, I am the only one on that one?? FINE!

Well, when I realized a Jigsaw is not a good idea for ME I looked for someone to sell the unfinished, pre-cut wood. I stumbled across Wendy. She sells the wood kits, super cheap, and you can decorate them all you want! She has them for all holidays and seasons. Perfect for me!

When the kit arrives it is packaged super cute. It has the wood, some accessories, and directions in it. I bought a few kits but I decided to show you the Spring kit as it is snowing like mad here and I am protesting!

Start out with your wood, sand the edges just a bit to get the fuzzies off.

Now it is time to decide, do you want to paint your letters or paper them? I am SICK of paper around my house so I went with paint!

Prime all of the wood that is provided. I use spray paint as it is the easiest....OK I know earlier I said a can exploded on me but I am INSANE so I tried again!

Once it is all primed figure out your paint. Wendy gives a few suggestions on what colors to paint some pieces but you can be as creative as you want. I just went to the local hardware store and picked out some paints.

I'm a pretty messy spray painter

As they dry lets start on the bird. Take your bird and its wing and paper it with cute paper. Just trace it out and Mod Podge it on.

Wendy provides a few templates, one of those is for the beak of the bird. Cut out the template and cut out a beak on the orange paper she provides as well. Mod Podge it on.

Once it is all dry hot glue your wing onto your bird.

OK flower time. Once again she provides the templates and the paper. Here is a tip. If you don't feel like cutting out the template, just lay it on the paper and trace over the flower outline with a pen. You will get the outline and only have to cut those flowers once. My flowers aren't beautiful, they kind of look the flowers in my garden, you can tell they are flowers but not as pretty as my neighbors AWARD winning roses..blah blah blah...

Once you have both pieces of the flower cut out Wendy says to ink the edges. I like the look of inked edges but I only had Gold why not?

Now Mod Podge the two pieces together then glue the button, also provided, onto the middle of the flower. How Cute??

To make the stem of the flower take the wire, provided, and twist it together like at twisty tie, leaving a loop at the top. Glue the loop to the back of the flower petals and tada, a flower!

Take the wire and thread it through the hole in the beak. I twisted it around back and glued it so my little girls fingers don't happen to steal the flower and hide it in her SUPER hidden hiding spot that mom can't find and knows half off our stuff is there.

Once everything is dry, take the sticks and put them in the bottom of the bird for legs, and in the base to hold it up as the "I" in Spring. Put a dot of hot glue in each hole to hold them in place. You can add embellishments to the letters if you want, I did not because I tend to go overboard and end up not liking the end result.

You are done! Now that everything is dry, display it!

Thank you again everyone for following along to my tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Catch Up

It has been a busy few days for us!

Last week Eliza and I missed swim class because of a big snow storm that hit while we were on our way. Her swim class is about 45 minutes away. There are closer ones, but the one we go to is great for really little kids. I decided to turn around about 5 miles up the road. Luckily they let you make up the class so we will go another day. Instead we stopped at Jo-Anns and grabbed some supplies.

She was able to go to gymnastics on Wednesday and did an amazing job. One of the children missed last week but was there on Wednesday, he comes with his Grandpa who happened to be one of my college professors. It was pretty weird watching your professor practice cartwheels! Eliza is doing so well and really trying to jump on the trampoline. When I was at our local store I found a "jump-o-lene" on clearance and bought it for her to practice on.

I also bought a helmet for her bike trailer. Might be used in the jumper too

Come on in!

We are continuing to do updates on the house and look for a new one. Mark is really set on moving to North Carolina but I am still torn. Loosing my Lions Season Tickets would break my heart. I found a neighborhood here that I really like so I have been talking to the builder about the possibilities there.

I installed a bunch of new lights in the house. It is amazing what that can do for a room. My wonderful Uncle came over and installed a ceiling fan that I was struggling with. I don't have a relationship with my father so I am so thankful I have a great relationship with my Uncle, he is the one I go to the Lions games with.

Now I need to repaint the room

My Uncle and I dancing at my wedding

We went and picked out our tile for the bathroom at Lowes. I know the guy who works there from past home improvements so he was able to give me a break down on cost so I could try to do a rough estimate of what we were looking to spend. We had them send out some installers to measure to give us a more accurate quote. WHAT A DISASTER. I try my best to not judge, but sometimes we fail. The guys were scheduled to come between 9-11, Eliza had her eye appointment that afternoon so my day was packed. At 11:15 they were still not at my house so I called the company. They tried to explain that they had a company meeting that morning and that is why they were late. I am sorry, but I worked in customer service most of my life, you knew you were going to be late! Call! When the guys finally showed up I literally texted Mark "I'm Scared". They arrived in a very old beat up van that said "United Methodist Church" on it. How do I know these are the right guys??? They were smoking as they walked to the door and tossed the cigarette into the snow off my porch. So moving on...they measured, explained the process and left.

A few days later I received a call from Lowes giving me the cost. It was about $1000 more then I figured out in my head. I know I am not professional but I know how to measure and add. I asked for a break down and was shocked to see what I saw. They quoted me $60 to remove then replace the toilets...yet they were charging me $190. The guys told me I didn't need to remove our old floor but were charging me $200 to do it. The real kicker....they say they measured 195sqft!!!! That is a room a little bigger then 19x10, my bedroom isn't that big yet you think my bathroom is!!?? The whole bathroom is 70sqft BEFORE taking out the footage of the tub, vanity and shower!

Needless to say I was furious. If I wouldn't have asked for a break down they would have swindled me out of so much money. I instantly complained to the manager who apologized. They sent out a new company the next day, who were 100000000x better, and we are waiting for that quote.

Eliza is talking so much now. I can't wait to do her 14 month update so we can see all the words she says and signs. She also learned to go down the stairs on her belly. This is a blessing and a curse. I am glad she knows how to get down properly but that means she is no longer scared of the stairs. Before she learned how to go down she wouldn't go near the top of the stairs. She would stand in the hall, 5 feet back from the steps and say "up up" without moving. Now she walks over, lays on her belly and goes down.

I am so excited some of my shows are starting again. Jerseylicious and Big Rich Texas are two of my favorites..I am not too proud to admit it! If anything I learn how I DON'T want to act and the things I DON'T want to do with Eliza.

We had Eliza's eye Dr appt last week and unfortunately he confirmed what our pediatrician said, she needs surgery on her eye. She was diagnosed with dacryostenosis a blocked tear duct. We have known this since she was born but were always hopeful it would fix itself. Unfortunately the past month it has started to become infected and bother her. Her Dr gave her antibiotic drops(yep, totally easy to put drops in a 1 year olds eye) and sent us to the Eye Dr. We have scheduled her surgery for the last week of May. We could do it any time but that was the furthest out he would allow. I am hopeful God will reach down and heel her eye for us before then.
Before we left for the Dr. She likes me to turn the Iphone camera on us so she can see herself on the phone and take pictures

A few weeks back Zulily had Elmo clothing on their site. Eliza is OBSESSED with Elmo. She calls him Mo or Mo-Mo. I ordered these for her and she was SO excited.

Well, that is about it I think. I have some DVR to catch up on now that Eliza is asleep and I need a break from fabric!

Have a good day everyone! I'll leave you with Captain Destruction!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Covered In Fabric

Sorry I have been so MIA this weekend. I received 8 orders for wreaths and have been busy busy busy! Once they ship out tomorrow I will get back to posting...unless more come in : )

Check Em Out
Vibrant Easter

I have a fun wood tutorial coming up on Tuesday that anyone can do!! Mark and Liezy have a bug so I am trying to keep myself from getting it. I am the BIGGEST baby when I am isn't pretty.

OK! See ya tomorrow with an update on our week.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Humbling Hump Day

I am going to change up Hump Day a bit this week, hope you don't mind!

Totally off topic...but amazing. On Sunday, while getting Eliza ready for Church, she was standing on her changing table. She looked at me, put her hand on my hair and said "pwetty". I melted...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Can Totally Make That!

Hello Ladies...and I am sure a few Gents! Here is a Valentine's Day Tutorial, a bit late!

I sneaked out of the house the other day while Eliza napped and Mark played video games, to swing by Michaels. While checking out I saw a "floral arrangement" on SALE for 49.99!! What?? I can TOTALLY make that! So I did!!

Small disclaimer, this tree does not photograph well! I did it in every light, with pro camera and camera phone, it just doesn't capture the awesomeness of the feathers. I SWEAR it is SUPER cute!!

Start off with supplies-

Styrofoam Cone
Feather Boa, or 2 if you buy a big cone
Candle Stick
Hot Glue

Start out with your cone, side note-you can not spray paint Styrofoam, didn't know that! So move on with your cone with whatever color you bought. Take a boa and find an end, trim the extra rope they use so it is flush with the feathers. Take your hot glue and put a large bead at the bottom of the cone.

Lay your cone down with the feather boa coming toward you. Do a string of glue along the bottom and roll the cone toward you gluing the boa to the cone.

Now take the boa and wrap it tightly around the cone, glue every once in a while.

Now if you want to use 2 colors like I did, start the next boa from the top. Sorry I have no picture for this, I didn't plan to have to use two boas and had to run to the store and was flustered when I got back.

As you come to meet the 2 boas in the middle you can choose to keep them completely separate or swirl the top one into the bottom feathers to combine the colors.

Take your embellishment and attach it to the top, mine was a pick so I just stuck it down into the cone.

Next is the ribbon. Here is a great way to make a bow.

Start with a long piece of ribbon

Fold both edges in to meet the middle, do a dab of glue and keep them down.

Now cut two long pieces of ribbon, these will be your tails.

Flip your folded piece over and glue each tail to the back

Now cut a small piece that will wrap around the middle.

Glue it on the back, wrap it around the front of the ribbon, between the two tails, pull tight and glue on the back again.

Perfect bow without the tying!

Glue the bow to the top of your tree.

Now take your candlestick and you can choose to attach it to the bottom of your cone, or just rest your cone on it. I decided not to glue so that I could do a different cone each holiday and just reuse the candlestick.

You are done! This took me less then 20 minutes and I love the funky way it looks.