Friday, February 3, 2012

13 Months-Plus A Few Days

Eliza turned 13 months on the 29th of January. When people ask me how old she is I don't know what to say. 13 months sounds so weird but 1 year old could mean so much. She is growing more and more everyday. She is currently 31inches 20lbs wearing size 6-12 or 12-18(mostly for length because they are huge in the waist, good thing cloth diapers give you a big booty) clothes.

Eliza you are my PIC(partner in crime), you go everywhere with me, and when you aren't there people ask where you are. You amaze me everyday with how much you learn and understand. Here are a few of my favorites

  • You can actually say Dog, Kittie, Daddy, Mo(elmo), No, Ball, Boon(balloon), Mum, Book, Yes, That, This, Wig(wiggles), Hi, Bye, All Done, and Brush.
  • You sign More, All Done, Eat, Water and Please.
  • You can tell me where your head, ear, belly, nose and feet are.
  • You like to brush your teeth and your hair, you walk around with my hair brush all day. 
  • You try to put on your socks, put a bow in your hair, and put on your bib.
  • You love to dance to The Wiggles, you hand me the TV remote and say Wig...not sure that is good.
  • When you are finished playing in the basement you sign all done then sit by the door.
  • You love to look over the banister of the stairway and wait for people to walk by.
  • You love to say Hi and Bye to everyone when we are in public. If they talk back, you freeze.
  •  You do AMAZING at swim class, you know what "kick kick kick" and "pull pull pull" means. You can swim under water and climb out of the pool by yourself.
  • You like to help when I am making my wreaths, you grab strips of fabric and lay them on the wreath and clap.
  • You're Daddy is your best friend, you walk around the house looking for him when he isn't home, it breaks my heart. 

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"You're the light at the end of the tunnel the break of the day
After the darkest night chasing all the evil away
You're my flowers and sunshine cherries and red wine
Diamonds they can't find shining through hard times
You're the angel on Earth the proof there's a God
The reason to keep on going you're my light in the dark
The first star in the sky and the last to leave
And when I'm travelin' through the night I feel your light on me"