Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Graduation Day!

Well, I thought I had 18 years until Graduation tears...High School Graduation, OK or Kindergarten Graduation. I never knew we would have Swim Class Graduation!!!

Eliza has been doing swim class since December and she does an amazing. She can "pull pull pull" and "kick kick kick" across the pool. She can swim under water to the wall and pull herself up. She knows how to pull herself out of the water then jump back in. I never thought 2 months of classes she would be this far.

Today after class they gave out "Report Cards". I was not too pleased with this. This class is for 6-12month old babies, what do they need to be graded on?? As much as I love that Eliza got a great report, I just don't feel it is necessary.

But past my feelings, Eliza has graduated to the next level. She is no longer a Mini 1 but a Mini 2. She can switch classes and be with older kids and have a little bit more structure. I am really enjoying her classmates and their mommies so I am going to stick in Mini 1 for a bit, can't hurt right??

Here is a picture from before class, I didn't even know today was graduation day, I just wanted a cute pic in that 'kini!!

Here is her Report Card!

Congratulations my big girl. You make mommy so proud each and every week. You try so hard and are so proud of yourself. You are the start of my show!!


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That bikini is too cute, and I agree the report card is a bit much.