Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Can Totally Make That!

Hello Ladies...and I am sure a few Gents! Here is a Valentine's Day Tutorial, a bit late!

I sneaked out of the house the other day while Eliza napped and Mark played video games, to swing by Michaels. While checking out I saw a "floral arrangement" on SALE for 49.99!! What?? I can TOTALLY make that! So I did!!

Small disclaimer, this tree does not photograph well! I did it in every light, with pro camera and camera phone, it just doesn't capture the awesomeness of the feathers. I SWEAR it is SUPER cute!!

Start off with supplies-

Styrofoam Cone
Feather Boa, or 2 if you buy a big cone
Candle Stick
Hot Glue

Start out with your cone, side note-you can not spray paint Styrofoam, didn't know that! So move on with your cone with whatever color you bought. Take a boa and find an end, trim the extra rope they use so it is flush with the feathers. Take your hot glue and put a large bead at the bottom of the cone.

Lay your cone down with the feather boa coming toward you. Do a string of glue along the bottom and roll the cone toward you gluing the boa to the cone.

Now take the boa and wrap it tightly around the cone, glue every once in a while.

Now if you want to use 2 colors like I did, start the next boa from the top. Sorry I have no picture for this, I didn't plan to have to use two boas and had to run to the store and was flustered when I got back.

As you come to meet the 2 boas in the middle you can choose to keep them completely separate or swirl the top one into the bottom feathers to combine the colors.

Take your embellishment and attach it to the top, mine was a pick so I just stuck it down into the cone.

Next is the ribbon. Here is a great way to make a bow.

Start with a long piece of ribbon

Fold both edges in to meet the middle, do a dab of glue and keep them down.

Now cut two long pieces of ribbon, these will be your tails.

Flip your folded piece over and glue each tail to the back

Now cut a small piece that will wrap around the middle.

Glue it on the back, wrap it around the front of the ribbon, between the two tails, pull tight and glue on the back again.

Perfect bow without the tying!

Glue the bow to the top of your tree.

Now take your candlestick and you can choose to attach it to the bottom of your cone, or just rest your cone on it. I decided not to glue so that I could do a different cone each holiday and just reuse the candlestick.

You are done! This took me less then 20 minutes and I love the funky way it looks.