Thursday, March 1, 2012

14 Months

Eliza, today you are 14 months old. You are becoming such a big girl. Today might have been one of my absolute favorite days since you were born. As we were walking down the stairs, you had just woke up from a nap, you turned to me-pointed at me-and said "Mommy". I about fell down the stairs!! I have tried to get you to say mommy-mama-ma'am-mom for months but you refused. You love Elmo and call him Mo-Mo so when I say Mommy you said Mo-Mo but today, I was Mommy!! At night, during prayers, we ask God to bless "mommy daddy Eliza...." and when we say that we point to each of us, I think this is where you learned this. You have said Daddy for months but it is now my time to shine!!

Here are more updates on you:

  • You are 22lbs
  • You are 32 inches
  • You have 9 teeth
  • You wear 6-12 month tops and 12-18 month pants, they are still way too big but your cloth diapers help fill them out
  • You can say MOMMY, daddy, dog, kitty, pretty, teeth, ear, belly, feet, up, down, yes, no, ball, balloon, banana(bannn), book, did it, that, this, hi, bye, wig, all done, brush, pull, kick, please
  • You sign More, All Done, Eat, Water Thank You and Please
  • You go to gymnastics now and do a great job. You can do a front roll, a back roll, cartwheel, handstand, jump on the trampoline, walk on the balance beam, and crawl through the tunnel. Mommy has to help you on most of these but you can do them all while I help
  • You still do wonderful at swim class, you graduated to the next class, Mommy might switch you soon.
  • You still love to go to stores. You prefer to walk now so you can get into everything, if Mommy isn't in a hurry, she lets you.
  • You do well with directions Mommy can ask you to come here, put that back, don't touch, or bring her something and you do! 
“But we are children of the greatest King of all. This King rules over everything there is, and you are His daughter. You are God’s little princess!”

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