Monday, March 26, 2012

And So It Begins...

This morning, I finally took the plunge, I did something I have been scared to do-dreading to do-for a year. I made an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist/Infertility Specialist.

I recently went and saw my OBGYN, just to check in on things. I expressed some of my concerns regarding my health and I was shocked at the response. She told me they were valid concerns, and she would be concerned as well, but that she does not want to move forward with any testing. She asked if Mark and I were going to start trying to conceive(TTC), I explained not at this time but I am trying to be ahead of the game with a diagnosis. She said that she would like to wait to do anything until we TTC, if that pregnancy results in a miscarriage then she will do testing. WHAT??!! You want me to wait until I loose my child to do a test? She explained that the testing can be a bit invasive and she is concerned that it could cause more damage. She put me on birth control(I have not been on anything as we were trying to let my body regulate itself) and told me to come back when I am pregnant.

Well, I left there with a very heavy heart, and a t-shirt soaked with tears. I called Mark, texted my best friends, and pleaded with God. How can all of this be happening? How can she be so insensitive, especially when this is technically their fault!! Due to the delivering DR missing part of my placenta, I had to have emergency surgery to remove it about 4 weeks later. I knew the risks were that I might not be able to have more kids, but what else could I do? I couldn't continue to hemorrhage. The surgical DR told me the chances of that happening were very slim...well, I guess not too slim.

After much research, and discussion with other patients and my Aunt(nurse practitioner for GYN) we feel that I have Asherman's Syndrome. Due to how delicate my uterus was at the time of surgery it looks as though adhesions might have closed, or collapsed, my uterus. When carrying a child you need your uterus to be round like a basketball so it can expand as the child grows, mine(might) be like a pancake, unable to expand.

There are treatments for Ashermans, surgeries and infertility treatments that might help, but aren't usually very successful. With the cards already stacked against us with me having endometriosis, and ovarian cysts, it might be a very long and difficult road to baby 2-3-4.

So I will start this journey with an open mind and an open heart. Although we aren't ready to have more kids, I want to know what lies ahead for us so we are prepared when we are ready.
I hope you will follow along on this journey, I will be as open and honest as I can. My appointment isn't until April 20th, so we have some time. Until then I will continue to enjoy the miracle God has already given us! 


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my heart goes out to you.. we hsve hsd fertility issues also but are now proud parents of two beautiful childen.... my suggestion to you would be to visitdr dodds at the fertility center in grand rapids... if i remember correctly your in lowell... they are amazing.... usually they will do a free consultation... what i hae learnt from our experience is that you have to be your best sdvocate at all times.... if you have any questions i am always happy to chat... oh you will see their commercials on wzzm13 right now we are the second couple in the commercial... best of luck and i am jusy an email away :)

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wow my keys are sticking and my typing is bad when i type left handed with baby in arms :)