Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Day Closer-Dining Room

Last week I showed you what I would like to use as inspiration for our new Laundry/Mud Room. This week I will show you the Dining Room.

We aren't very much closer to moving or selling. We have painters coming, hopefully next week, to paint the two bathrooms, and then the tile guys will come after that. I can't wait for that project to be done! Nothing too new on the "new house" front. I got a referral for a great mortgage guy from a good friend of ours, hopefully we will be able to talk to him soon and figure out a plan.

Enough talking, more pinning. You can find all of my house ideas on my Pinterest Page.

I love the shelves on the wall instead of a buffet
Frame some fabric for wall art
I love wainscoting and the tray ceiling
I love the colors, have to have enough natural light
Do one wall of paper, or fabric, for accent

I really like our current dining room color, it is a burnt orange, and it looks great with our furniture. Unfortunately it is really hard to find art to go with it. I am ready for a change and some nicer, calmer colors.