Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Day Closer-The Laundry/Mud Room

Another Day Closer to my dream....moving out of this neighborhood!

This weekend we went and toured 2 houses that are able to be built in the neighborhood we like. Mark and I each liked one, but didn't agree on the same one. After some discussion we came to the conclusion that the one Mark likes is more practical. We are able to do a lot of modifications on it, so it will be exactly what we want.

The only thing holding us back from moving is the house we are currently in. If we could sell it tomorrow we would be all set. Granted, we have not put it on the market yet, it still hasn't sold. We are still doing updates to the house to help get it ready to show. This weekend we did a coat of paint in the basement, and I started working on the gardens a bit. It was almost 70 today so while Eliza slept, and Mark worked, I had to be outside.

I decided to start making Pinterest boards for each of the rooms in the "new house". Since we have a lot of say in how it is designed, I really want to be prepared.

I decided I will try to post a board each week to show you all of my ideas. This week I am going to start on the Laundry Room/Mud Room. It isn't the most fascinating room in the house but since I just started a load of diapers in the washer, and I am annoyed at the layout, I felt this would be best to start with.

The Laundry Room was originally located on the second floor but Mark and I both agreed we don't want that. Besides the thought of a flood, it is right next to "Eliza's Bedroom", and I do so much laundry while she is asleep I can't see this working. We talked it over with the builder and we have decided to extend the mudroom on the first floor and put the laundry in there. We are going to turn the upstairs laundry room into a walk in closet for Eliza and also have it plumbed for a bathroom if we want one in her room in the future.

Here is what I hope to have in there

One for each bedroom

Like the "lockers" and the place for wet shoes
Cute way instead of lockers
L-O-V-E the tall wainscoting
A small area of print. Use fabric instead of wallpaper so I can change it out easily
Much better, and cuter, then the basket I keep mine in
Love the colors
Love all the windows
Stack them to save room
Bench Hooks and Cubbies

I hope I can find a way to incorporate a lot of this. I better get my tools ready!!


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This is beautiful! I dream of a house with a mudroom...

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