Friday, March 16, 2012

Lets Get Motivated!

As a stay at home mom/blogger/wife/chef/maid/therapist/friend/etc it is hard to get everything done in a day. I once read you should do the things you dislike the most first, then you will do the things you like best to end your that is so unrealistic in my head!

I am pretty good at getting the "mom" stuff done. Eliza is fed, changed, and played with on a consistent enough basis that my sister, CPS worker, has not attempted to take her away..yet.

As a blogger I slip sometimes, especially when I get a virus and my computer is confiscated, but I tend to get out a few posts a week and definitely keep up on my favorite blogs.

As a wife...well he hasn't left me yet so that is A-OK in my book.

Chef? Got it! I didn't say I was a 5 star chef but I have my meal plan all set for the month so that is taken care of.

But here comes the tricky part....maid. I am proud to say I DESPISE CLEANING!! I am really shocked at anyone who likes cleaning...I enjoy the end result, but not the actual work. Growing up I hated to do my chores so much that I would really push it. My mom ended up having to give me deadlines because I would push it as far as I could. Even with the deadlines, I would start the chores 5 minutes before they were to be finished. It was quite the steps therapist...yep we discussed my aversion to chores in therapy, good $ spent right?

At 27 I still can not stand it. I will still push it until the last minute...hearing the garage door open to start throwing laundry in drawers so Mark notices how "busy" I was all day. There are so many better things to do then cleaning...Swim Class, Hide n Seek, Dr Phil, Real Housewives, Staring Contests with the dog...anything is better then cleaning.

A few months back my cousin posted on Facebook about cleaning, she was looking for tips on how to be more efficient. I checked into the post and her sister mentioned "clean 10 minutes every hour". This sounded like a great idea. With a little one roaming around I could easily get 10 minutes of cleaning in without her jumping from the roof. Well, this became overwhelming in itself. I only have 10 minutes what do I clean? What can I get done in just 10 minutes? This turned into FORGET IT!

Now in no way is my house dirty, it just isn't always perfectly neat and tidy. I needed help. A friend of mine told me about an app she had found and it is a GOD SEND! It is the answer to all of my cleaning prayers.

Motivated Moms is a printable or downloadable chore planning system to help you have a clean and organized home and still have time for yourself! Motivated Moms is a great idea for anyone who would like an easy system to help them to know what to do each day. Just consult the list, do the work, check it off for the day and enjoy your free time!

This app has truthfully saved my home. Every day I get up before Eliza and go to the list on my phone. They are quick tasks you can get done in just a few minutes.

They also include daily bible readings, if you would like, and also allow you to add in your own task.

I am now able to keep my house up, in between Peek-A-Boo and Dr. Phil, and not feel overwhelmed.

You can purchase printable lists here or download the app, for Iphone and Ipad only here. The best part is the app is only $7.99 for the entire year!!

If you have any questions about this program please ask, I would love to help out.

In no way has Motivated Moms asked me to write this, I just love it this much.