Sunday, March 25, 2012


My name is Kalyn Ernest and I am a....

Do your kids wear smocked clothing? Are you wondering what the heck I am talking about? If you are Southern, you must think this is nothin! Here in Michigan, smocked clothing is not a trend, but I love it!

I have found a few Facebook pages that mommas(I guess maybe some dads) go and buy and sell their kids smocked clothing. I am OBSESSED. I have bought the rest of Eliza's summer clothes this way. I am seriously obsessed! If anyone ever wants to buy my child anything, check with me, I am sure there is a smocked outfit I want!!

None of her new clothes have come yet, most scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and I am DYING to see them!!

Shrimp and Grits(so funny, means girls and boys) is my favorite brand right now, here are a few of my favorites!!!

These are called bubbles
This is reversible, two outfits in one!!

Oh my word!

I love that they also do matching outfits for siblings. Maybe if/when we have a baby #2 they will match!!

I will try to get some photos when our new outfits arrive. I hope she is as cute in them as I picture!
She might stick out, and be "out of trend" here in Michigan, maybe we need to move to the south!!