Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

So much in such a little time period:

I recently bought 80lbs of chicken and 40lbs of ground beef from Zaycon. I have bought from them before and when the deal came up again I jumped on it. We normally don't eat ground beef, but the fat content is so good in this meat(97/3) I couldn't pass it up.

It took us a few hours to trim and air seal everything, but I sure love the look of a full freezer! Now that we are stocked again on meat I am able to do a meal plan-
  • Monday-Chili
  • Tuesday-Left Overs
  • Wednesday-Meatloaf
  • Thursday-On Your Own, a friend asked to take Eliza's picture for a promotional product for her photography company, so I won't be home at dinner time
  • Friday-Chicken and Dumplings
  • Saturday-Left Overs
  • Sunday-Spaghetti
Sorry those aren't links to recipes, Pinterest is being pretty wonky.

A few of these are crock-pot recipes but the others are meals to cook. Eliza has been pretty iffy on naps lately so I hope that I can get them made.

Speaking of Eliza, we are now 3 teeth closer to being done with teething. 3 molars in a week...ouch...and the 4th is killing her trying to come in. She isn't interested with eating, very fussy when awake, and has a very hard time going to sleep. She also had an allergic reaction to something she ate and has a pretty bad rash right now. We are not in a good spot all around! The only positive is that I know we are one step, or three teeth, closer to the end. I never want to wish away her baby days but the teething days can be gone tomorrow for all I care. Looking back at baby pictures it is crazy to see her with just a gummy smile and not her beautiful perfect teeth.

With her crabbiness lately we weren't sure how church would go this morning for her. She was so fussy this morning we thought about skipping it, but then decided maybe WE needed the break and the church nursery would give that to us. I felt bad leaving THEM with HER but they said she was a gem. When we drop her off she usually says bye and then runs off, not today. She just stood in the room and I said bye, we started to walk out. As we walked out she turned HYSTERICAL and started running towards us. Mark picked her up and I walked out of the room crying. She has never done that and it broke my heart into a million pieces. Her nursery teacher took her from Mark's arms and the Child Care Supervisor came and gave us an update that she was doing fine and no more tears. I hope this was just due to the day, and not what the future looks like.

She has been working on her words lately. She is doing a great job at repeating words. We can say most single syllable words and she will repeat them. She now says please when she wants something without being told to say it. I feel bad when I tell her she can't have something and then she says please. I appreciate her using her manners but just because she says please does not mean she gets something. How do you explain that to a one year old?

We decided to turn Eliza's car seat to forward facing today. I know they say to try to wait until the age of 2 but it just couldn't happen. I wasn't able to go a mile without her screaming. Her legs are so long she is all scrunched, she just sits and kicks her legs. Once I turned her around I drove about 40 minutes to have dinner and she LOVED it. She just sat there saying Hi to me and laughing when I looked back at her. What a blessing.

I took a trip to the local consignment shop on Saturday to pick up some items of mine that did not sell. As I was waiting for my things this gem came in!

I knew I had to have it. I think we might own everything Elmo. I told the girl I would buy it if they took it in and she did for me! It is a pillow(you can see the size compared to my hand) that opens up into a soft book. Eliza loved it! We put it in her bed instead of her normal pillow but took it out after 5 minutes because she was refusing to sleep!

I also found this buggy. It turns into a bassinet and another little stroller. I figured I will pack it away for her birthday or Christmas.

My sister put these two pictures together of Eliza and me. She is about 13 months here and I am a little over 2.

I think that is enough randomness for the night. Mark is currently watching a show called "The Walking Dead", I am prepared to have nightmares tonight! If you are a baby like me DO NOT watch it!!