Monday, March 19, 2012

Well, That's A Bummer

After much discussion, and number crunching, and begging, and rearranging, and bribery, Mark and I have decided to put the kibosh on building the house I L-O-V-E. The builder was wonderful, he did his best to stay in our budget, showing us up front the cost of things and different ways to cut down, but to incorporate everything that we wanted, it just wouldn't work.

Buh-bye Cornell
I always knew building a house is much more expensive then buying one, but I figured right now with the housing market we would be able to do it. Once we realized the cost of the house-grass-landscaping-patio-blinds, it just wouldn't work. That house had everything we wanted, and needed, to become the family of 6 that I want, but right now it just won't work. I was in a rush to try to get in before the interest rates went up, and I was willing to compromise a few things for others. One of my friends, Courtney, built with this builder and had a good point. For now just do the structural things that are important(like the playroom) and do the upgrades(granite) at a different time. Even when we tried to do that, we were still about $15k over budget.

In the world of mortgages $15k is only about $75 more per month, but that is $75 I would like to leave open to do other things, and it is over our agreed upon budget. I don't ever want to have to tell Eliza no she can't do something because of our house payment.

So the search continues. I even think God tried to tell me I made the right choice because a house came on the market, in our price range, with everything that we wanted. Unfortunately it is a little too far out for Mark's work, but it is proof the houses do exist.

I will continue to do my weekly update of the rooms of the "new house", just to show you my style and what I hope to do one day.

We are continuing to update the house with the hopes of selling it when we find a house. The painters are making a whole bunch of noise as we speak. I did a few before and during pictures of the bathrooms, I will do a post with the after photos when it is all done!