Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Day Closer-Great Room

Another update on the housing market. I am still looking at houses, daily, but nothing has come up that is close to what we least not in our price range. If anyone wants to just send over $50k we could totally rock some of those houses.

A house in our neighborhood has a pending offer after less then 2 weeks of being posted. I am not sure what the offer is, but if it is anything near their asking price I think we are in good shape!! We still have quite a few updates we need to finish-painting, deep cleaning, fireplace, landscaping-but we are in no rush.

I am still in L-O-V-E with the Cornell, and hopeful we might have found a way to build it. When the neighborhood was first started it was started by Builder A, unfortunately after the economy crash Builder A had all of the lots foreclosed on. The bank sold the lots off and lots of builders purchased them. We have been working with Builder B but haven't come to a common ground on a price. Well, I contacted Builder C who owns a lot in the neighborhood. He is willing to sell me the land and not require me to use him as the builder. If we could do this, it would save us A LOT of money(Builder B is upcharging for the lot). I can buy the lot from C and use B to build the Cornell! Everyone agrees they are OK with this plan, I just have to pray and feel as though I have a clear answer that this is the right step.

So as we are still searching I am still "Pinning". Here are the pins for the Great Room. In the Cornell the Great Room is 2 story. I LOVE that it is 2 story, it might take away square footage of the upper level, but it brightens up the house SO much. 

I love the fireplace and extended mantel

Love the colors, so calming, especially with lots of windows

Love the colors and sparkle

Would like the staircase to be this color(the great room has a catwalk above)

Upper and Lower windows with long curtains

Love the high chair molding and dual colors

The fireplace is gorgeous, love the hearth

Please pray that I get an answer in my heart on what to do with the house. I have contacted Lowes to come fix the flooring...lets hope they don't drag us through the ringer to do it!