Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Day Has Come

Sorry, no Tutorial Tuesday this week, I can't even concentrate on typing so I sure shouldn't have scissors or hot glue in my hand.

Eliza's surgery on her eye will be tomorrow. I called the hospital and she is scheduled to have it done at noon. We are required to be there at 11 to get ready. She can have her normal diet until 6am, then after that only water, apple juice or pedialite. At 10am she can no longer have anything. Eliza is a BIG eater, I hope this goes well.

I am super nervous. I have had lots of surgeries but this one is really scaring me. I want so bad for her little eye to be better, just not this way. It seems to really be bothering her lately so it is time.

I know not everyone is religious but if you could just say a little prayer for Eliza, her Drs/Nurses, and mommy and daddy it would be greatly appreciated.

I will try to update everyone as soon as she is all set.

Goodbye you stinky watery itchy blocked tear duct...we hope to never deal with you again!!


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Oh no...I know how you feel...both of my kids had surgery last year...and as a mom your so baldy want it to be you and then just wish and hope it all goes well. Sending good thoughts your way!