Friday, April 20, 2012


Do you ever have that feeling when you know something is wrong but no one believes you? People dismiss it, or say you are "too emotional" or "google" too much?

Well, that is how I have felt since I had the surgery with Eliza, I knew something just didn't feel right. No, I couldn't physically feel my body changing but I knew something wasn't right.

I made my trip to the Reproductive Endocrinologist(RE) today like scheduled. I was really worked up not knowing what to expect, and having to go alone. I didn't know the area I was going to, and it isn't in the best part of Michigan, so I wasn't too excited. I got there and told myself to just relax and be thankful that there is someone else I can try to get to listen to me.

Hey mom! It's gonna be OK!

When I walked in the office it was very quiet. Not like the OBGYN office I am used to with 100s of women waiting around, looking annoyed. I was actually the only one in there. I was greeted by a wall of HOPE. Picture after picture of babies that were brought into this world thanks to these wonderful DRs.

I got all signed in and took a seat. I am used to waiting 30-60 minutes so I knew I would be waiting a while. I didn't sit there more then 3 minutes and they had me going back to a room. The nurse had me checked all in, Height-Weight-BP-Allergies, and said the DR would come get me in a minute.

The DR came in two minutes later, she was so warm and inviting. She introduced herself and escorted me to her office. I was actually going to have a real conversation with a DR, fully clothed!!!(oh the little things in life) She had me explain why I was there and tell the story of what happened with my surgery in my words, not just what my medical records said. She asked a bunch of questions on my medical history, and actually listened. We were never interrupted with a knock at the door, she never looked at her watch or got a page on her phone, she just looked straight at me and listened.

She told me there were two things that come to mind when I describe my symptoms. A possible pituitary problem, and Ashermans. YES!!! FINALLY!! Someone has said it besides me! I pray to GOD that is not what it is, but finally a real medical expert has said the name before I asked. She did explain that when you loose a lot of blood in the days/weeks after delivery your Pituitary Gland gets jumbled up, and since I hemorrhaged after Eliza, this could be the case. My blood work would have shown this, but it is always a possibility. Obviously, more of my signs point to Ashermans.

We went and did a quick exam...I'll save you this part.

She gave me a run down of the plan and then escorted me to a room for her assistant to set everything up.

Another wall of hope...sorry it is blurry, didn't want to expose these kids faces

Even if my appointment had ended with that I would have been on cloud nine. Finally someone gave me the respect to hear me out. Someone validated my concerns. Someone told me it would all be OK.

As I sat with her assistant we went over everything the DR said and set up a lot of appointments. I have to start by getting back on prenatal vitamins. They explained, and I agree, that a woman of child bearing age that COULD get pregnant, should be on prenatals. They are just as good for you as daily vitamins, but give you some extra vitamins in the case that you do get pregnant. OK, got that prescription.

Next, I have to start charting my daily body temperature. I did this before I got pregnant with Eliza, no big deal. This is just to see if my body is reacting like it should each month through my cycle.

I will be having a blood test done again, there are more things they want to test for and at a certain time in my cycle so we will be doing that.

Last, but certainly not least, I will be having a HSG, we will use this test to see if I have scar tissue in my uterus, or if it has closed completely. This is my biggest fear. The positive part is that she said "if that is the case, we will do surgery". She was very calm and matter of fact. Surgery is not something we want, and will be a last resort, but at least it is an option.

I left there with a packet of information, a to-do list, and hope.

Most of these tests should start within the next week or so, if you are spiritual in anyway, please pray for us. Pray for the DR and pray for the peace in our hearts.


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm glad you finally got what you were looking for. It sounds like this doctor is great and proactive and there is nothing better than having that 1:1 time with a doctor. Hopefully being proactive will not prolong your dream of having another baby. I guess I didn't realize you were already ready for #2. :) Good luck!!!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you for all the sweet words Court! We aren't going to try for #2 for a while, but if I do have to have surgery you can't get pregnant for a while after the surgery so we want my body to be ready when we are ready.

When will Easton be a big brother??