Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good As New

Sorry I have been a little absent, we have been busy. Eliza is doing AH-MAZING!! You would never know she had surgery. We stayed in on Wednesday and Thursday but went out on Friday. She came to dinner with us and I had to run to Joann's. Today Mark and I went to look at some more houses so Mimi and Gigi came to watch her. She was so excited! She fell asleep before they got here so I know the excitement was even better when she woke up to them instead of us!

The houses are headed in the right direction. We saw two layouts we liked today, but neither were perfect. The realtor is going to check with the builder to see if we can move it around a bit to make it exactly what we would like.

New tile guys are coming on Wednesday to redo the bathrooms. I am very apprehensive about the whole thing, what if this time it is even worse??

We are going to have dinner with Mimi and Gigi tonight at a new restaurant that we like, I know Eliza will be excited to see them again.

Here are a few pictures of her during her recovery. Talk to you guys soon.

Day after surgery. She was allowed to pick out her own outfit, she didn't watch the weather report

Enjoying dinner with Daddy

Hooray!!! Mimi and Gigi are coming to watch me

Lets load up on SUGAR