Monday, April 30, 2012

Jaws Theme Song

Since I don't know how to type out the theme song..I decide I would just type it like that!

Tomorrow is THE day. I have changed my mind about 100 times since I posted about my procedure. I have researched WAY too much and talked to WAY too many people. I have gone from having it, to not, to going straight for surgery, to seeing a different DR. I am now back at the beginning, having the HSG done.

I am trying to be calm about the procedure, it only lasts a few minutes so that will be OK, just scared of the results. I know we will do whatever it takes, we just have to pray for a positive outcome.

On a totally unrelated, and happy note. Eliza had a photo shoot this morning. She is being used as part of her swim schools promotional photos. We aren't sure if, or how much, her photo will be used, but I thought it was a fun thing to add to her baby book. We had to drive over an hour to the location and I was dreading it. Eliza doesn't do too well in the car lately. I decided to let her bring her wooby(blankey, lovie, whatever) and her paci. Those are usually only for bedtime but I know how much she loves them. She was GREAT!! I am now getting a few more woobies and they are allowed in the car. She even slept in the car on the way home! That almost never happens.

Eliza did really well with the photographer. She was shy at first, but as soon as they brought out all of the water toys she was all over them! I will post the photos if I receive any, or if I see her face up on a billboard :)

She has been super silly today, not sure what she got into...probably chocolate. Here are a few silly photos, don't mind her hair, that is after swimming hair!
Her special swim suit for pictures
Modeling is tiring!

This is how you get out, right?

Finally, on Saturday, our bathroom tile was finished. I have to say our new flooring guys were such a blessing. If you are in the Michigan area and need flooring, or fencing, done please contact Metter Flooring and Construction, I can't find their website for some reason so contact me if you want their direct contact info.

We have moved Eliza from taking baths in our room into her bathroom. She isn't sure about it, the tub is smaller and she is confused by the shower curtain. We will finally have our bathroom back, instead of every bath toy known to man all over the floors. Hopefully once that painting is redone I will post some photos.

 That is about all the is going on right now. I hope once some of this fertility stuff is out of the way I will get back into crafting and sewing, I just have had no drive lately!

I will be back to update tomorrow...hopefully with good news.

Please pray for us, for our future little ones, and our Dr and nurses. 

A few other silly photos:
Her new hair do, getting so long

My special outfit. Mommy loves personalized outfits!

Using daddies ear buds to listen to music