Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just What I Needed

Some days it is really obvious that HE brings people into your life for a reason. I am feeling so good right now about my appointment tomorrow, I hope it doesn't fade.

Lets back track about a month. We all know the HORROR we have dealt with when trying to get the floors done in our house. From cheating us on money-waiting weeks to show up-then a horrible job, we have ANOTHER worker in the house.

I was really hesitant about having this guy come. He works for the same company as the people who did such a horrible job. They assured me he is their BEST though(why wouldn't you send him in the first place??) so I just agreed to let it go and have him come.

The guys are wonderful, the minute they walked in the door yesterday I knew it was meant to be. They introduced themselves then asked for Eliza's name. It turns out the head guy has a 2 year old Eliza! I NEVER hear her name and here is a guy working on my house with an Eliza. He also mentioned he had a 2 year old boy. I didn't think twice and just assumed they were twins.

After talking a bit more today, and getting to know each other a bit more, he let me know that Eliza is adopted. After some fertility hurdles they decided to adopt and that is where Eliza was brought into their life. They were also blessed when after many fertility treatments they were able to have their little boy.

Their story is not like ours, it is similar but in many ways different, but it gave me such hope. Hope that even if you aren't able to physically have your child, you can still have your family. After many fertility treatments you can still be blessed with your child. There is always hope and the doors might close but the window is always open!

Here's to tomorrow....our future!!!