Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Update

Heard back from the Doctor, HSG will be next Tuesday. Mark will drop me off, take Eliza to swim class, and then come pick me back up. I won't be able to drive they say(I think I can), so that's the plan.

I have to start an antibiotic on Saturday and then take Motrin500 an hour before I get there. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so hopefully it will be OK!

I am so excited to be closer to the answer, no matter what it is!

On a side note, Eliza has been loving on this doll that is in her room. My grandma made it for me when I was about 8 and I decided to display it in Eliza's room. Today I was doing my hair and she brought me the baby. It is porcelain so she isn't allowed to carry it around. I told her if she wants to hold the baby she has to sit down. She left the bathroom and brought back a box. She put the box down then climbed in it and said "please". She is just too much some days!!