Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We spent ours with family and at home.

Friday the tile guys were finishing up the bathrooms and Mark was off of work for Good Friday. I took Eliza to Gymnastics since she won't be going next week due to her surgery. We are not sure when she will be allowed to go back. I dropped her off for a nap and ran some more errands, I ended up making a few wreaths as well. Once the tile guys left we did some yard work while the floors dried and Eliza slept. We were planning to go to Friday Church service but Eliza was exhausted and I couldn't wake her up. Once she woke up we headed out to dinner, we learned she likes clam chowder soup...A LOT.

Unfortunately the tile guys did a TERRIBLE job. I can't believe the problems we have had with this. I spent a while on the phone with the company and having to take pictures. The project manager will be meeting with the owner to discuss things on Monday. I am going to go up to Lowes(where we ordered the service) and really complain. This has been the WORST experience. I am at the point that I wish they could just tear it out-make it back to how it was-and just give us our money back. It is not worth the headache they have caused.
Look at the grout lines and the quarter round!

Saturday we slept in, well what it is to us, and hung around the house. Eliza fell asleep early and slept FOREVER. She is such a tired girl, she has been getting up in the middle of the night, then sleeping all day. Once she got up we headed to Mark's parent's house for Easter. Eliza loved playing with their dog, she is little and more Eliza's size. She played fetch for a bit and ran around the backyard. This is the first time Eliza actually liked being in grass, maybe we need to start cutting ours shorter like they do. We made it home and took a family nap, unfortunately Eliza woke herself up and our nap ended early. We went for a walk then laid her down for the night. THANKFULLY she slept through the night. Mark and I sat around playing DrawSomething for a while, I can't draw to save my life so it is pretty funny,

Sunday we got up and went to Church, it was a beautiful service and I loved seeing all the little ones dressed up. Our Church is pretty casual, jeans are the norm, but Easter dresses were everywhere...Eliza was by far the best dressed! We came home and lounged around while Eliza napped. We met my sister and BIL, Mimi and Gigi, for brunch at a great local restaurant. Eliza loved the Easter Bunny they had there, she would follow it around saying "bunny" and taking candy from its basket. We then headed across the street to the Metro Park that has a farm. We decided to make this our Easter tradition, Church-Nap-Brunch-Park. We had so much fun. Part of the farm was closed but a lot of the animals are outside so we were able to walk around. Eliza is loving animals lately, as long as they don't make noise. Eliza loves hanging out with Mimi and Gigi, she asks for them all of the time. We do FaceTime to talk to them, and she loves seeing them. Hopefully as it gets warmer we will be able to go do more things.

We came home, begged her to nap but she had other plans. Mark was able to sleep so Eliza and I just played. When Mark woke up we gave Eliza her Easter basket. We want to make sure that is not what is important to her on Easter. We will give her a basket, but it will not be the first thing we do on Easter, Church will be. She liked all of her things and watched her new Wiggles video.We got her to bed early and we are just laying around watching TV, on our computers, and of course playing DrawSomething.

I got some of my blood work back on Friday. We are waiting on the rest but I definitely have some issues with my hormones. My levels are uneven and show that I am not ovulating. It is basically like when you are nursing. I am hoping this is the issue and we will be able to get the rest of the answers on the 20th.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and a nice holiday. Talk to you soon!!