Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cinco De Mayo

I hope everyone enjoyed Cinco De Mayo yesterday, we had a wonderful day. Eliza made a late night request on Friday to go to the Zoo so we planned it for the beautiful weather we had coming on Saturday.

The ride down was pretty rough, she didn't sleep well Friday night and we were hoping she would sleep the hour and a half down such luck. I drive everywhere we go(when I got pregnant I got car sickness and it has never gone away. The only way to combat it is if I drive, it kills Mark) so Mark was left to deal with Eliza. After quite a few fits, and lots of construction traffic, we decided to switch spots and I would deal with her. The medicine the DR has me on post surgery has made me really calm and relaxed, I LOVE IT.

We finally made it to the zoo to realize we had forgot shoes for Eliza. Luckily we found a rouge pair of sandals in the car. Unfortunately it was only 60* so her toes were a bit chilly, she didn't complain. We also didn't realize quite a few of the exhibits were closed for construction-no hippos, lions, and a few other animals for us. The rest of the time was spent enjoying the animals and each other. You know how the zoo goes...walking in circles, getting run over by out of control children, being stuck behind the people who practically crawl instead of walk, but the rest was amazing. Here are the pictures!

On our way home we tried to avoid the traffic by taking back roads, OH MY WORD it took forever!! Thankfully Eliza slept most of the way home so it was a nice quiet ride. We knew once she got home though she would be ready to party, and we would be ready to pass out. Luckily we made it home and she was willing to TRY to sleep. We ran to our bed to nap, Mark fell asleep instantly but unfortunately I was wide awake. I finally fell asleep and she was up 10 minutes later. After some back and forth we decided to go to dinner and a park.

Dinner did not go well. I wanted to sit on the covered patio, YES Mark suggested not but we did anyway. The sun was gone when we sat down but after a few minutes it was out in all its glory. The sun was right on us and Eliza was melting. Half way through dinner Mark took her for a walk and she calmed down. We quickly wrapped up dinner and took the rest home.

We wandered down to the park where she played on the play structure and the swings. We then adventured into the woods.

I sent these pictures to my sister who then asked where we were. I told her the park we were at and she was bummed. They had asked us to join them for dinner at the new Mexican restaurant "downtown". Downtown to me means downtown Detroit, I didn't have an interest in dealing with all of that commotion so we declined. Well, I misunderstood and she meant downtown....the town they live in. Oops. We were just there having dinner and at the park. Luckily they were on their way walking up to town, and we were walking out of town so we met in the middle! They got to see Eliza for a bit which she always loves. She told them all about the sticks she saw at the park, and even gave them raspberries(on their cheeks)! We had decided to walk to get ice cream while they went to have dinner. When we showed up at the ice cream shop the line was LONG so we decided to skip it....Eliza was not happy.

We said our good-byes to Mimi and Gigi and headed home. We stopped at the grocery store and picked up ice cream(half the price of going to the ice cream shop) and then put Eliza to bed. We checked out Hangover2 from Redbox and just hung out on the couch.

I had a great day with my family and can't wait to have a great day at Church. Enjoy your Sunday-Funday!!


McKenna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Just found your blog through Kelly's Corner, I'm in Oakland County too. We love the Toledo Zoo and I also forget a pair or two of shoes way too often.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Jessica, thank you so much for stopping by! I tend to forget shoes fairly often, luckily we usually have some in the car. Eliza hates it if her shoes are on in the car so they go flying. I cleaned out the car the day before we went so not too many options!

Look forward to hearing from you and following the journey of your family!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love the Toledo Zoo!! It's 1000x better than the Detroit Zoo. It might be a little further for us - but defintely worth the drive! You picked a great weekend to go too - before the weather gets to balmy! Looks like Eliza had an awesome time with mommy and daddy!!