Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

I know I know...I have been MIA. Every time I went to write, something came up. Lets start from last week!

Thursday Eliza and I went to lunch with a friend from high school. She has a great little boy who is 6 months old. We enjoyed chatting and watching the kids interact. At one point she ran to the car and I stayed with the kiddos in their high chairs. HOLY MOLY. I don't know how people have kids that close together! The kids were wonderful, but both needed my attention the whole time.

I purchased Eliza a bike seat for Mark's bike. It took FAR TOO LONG for me to put it on, but I finally did it. When we go on family rides Mark takes Eliza, while he is at work I just hop on his bike and ride her around. She LOVES it. She said again again when we come back home. We also ride it down to the neighborhood playground, it is perfect.

Friday I had my follow up DR appt. It went as I expected, she says I need the surgery to be able to get pregnant. She explained how it would go and so on. She did say that the best time to get pregnant is right after surgery. Since we do not want to get pregnant just yet we agreed I will put off the surgery for a while. We have a lot of things planned this year that I want to do with Eliza and not have to be limited from being pregnant. I should start my period soon. I am nervous...what if I don't? What if that first procedure didn't do anything...or heaven forbid, made things worse.

When Mark was finished working on Friday, we took Eliza to a park downtown. This was the first place she ever went on a swing, what a difference! From there we decided to stop for ice cream. We have a Dairy Queen in town but it is a nightmare on the weekend so we decided to try a new place. It is a train car converted to an ice cream shop in a parking lot. It was so good, Ashbys!, and half the price of Dairy Queen. This will be our new spot!

Saturday morning we got up early, way too early, to take Eliza to swim class. A few weeks ago her class was canceled so we had to make one up. I decided to do the makeup on Saturday so Mark could come, and Mimi and Gigi joined us too. She did wonderful, like always, and it was great having them there to watch her.

When we made it home Eliza went to bed and Mark and Gani(Gigi) had a surprise for her. They took off, rented a trailer, and went to pick this up!!

 She We have the best family, Gigi and Mimi stayed for hours, in the rain, putting it up for her. Unfortunately, it rained all day Saturday so she wasn't able to enjoy it. We stayed in the rest of the night and just enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday we headed to church first thing. Eliza was so cute when she went to nursery. She walked in and headed over to her friends and in her sweet little voice said "Hi", I melted. I gave her a kiss and then she tried to kiss her friends. When we kiss at home she gives kisses to both of us, she didn't realize we don't kiss other people. I laughed. When we came to pick her up she surprised me with this little gift, she is so sweet.

We came home and napped :) Played on the swing set-for way too long, then headed for a late lunch. We wandered around town and headed into the local Starbucks. We ended up having a horrible experience with the customer service. I don't want to relive it but it was heartbreaking how rude they were to my husband. I have contacted the corporate team and I am trying to get in contact with the location manager.

We made it back home in time for another nap then more time on the swing set...I have a feeling this is how our days will be spent: 

It is now noon on Monday, Eliza is sleeping while I relax. I can't wait to go out and swing when she wakes up!

How was your weekend?? Have a good one everyone! 

I will leave you with this proud moment of the week