Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Another weekend comes to an end, they just go so fast. I feel like Mark gets cheated out of time with Eliza, I feel guilty. I try to let him get as much time in with her as possible, this fall when FOOTBALL starts he will get lots and lots of alone time with her!

On Thursday Eliza and I went over to a friend's house to watch her little guy for a few hours. They had a lot of fun playing together, Eliza was a great helper!
Don't worry, he isn't laying flat, just the angle of the camera

Thursday Mark received some GREAT news! His company created a new position for him to take on. A few months ago Mark came upon a product he felt very passionately about and knew it would help his company tremendously. He researched, and put together a great presentation to show the company on Wednesday. They were so impressed with him, and the product, they agreed to launch the product and have Mark run it. He started the new position today! Eliza and I are SO proud of him. He is such a hard worker and a brilliant man, I am so proud to call him my husband and Eliza's father.

So on Friday once he was done working we went out to dinner to celebrate. We went to a Mexican restaurant in a town near by. It is a cute little place and has a boardwalk that runs along the water and down into the town. We walked the boardwalk and were attacked by bugs to go get some ice cream. We wandered around town and then headed home. It was the perfect little family night.

Saturday we got up and went shopping. Mark needs summer clothes about as bad as I do. He was stuck in the 21 year old phase of cargo shorts and graphic t-shirts. He got some VERY nice shorts and polos and some new Sperrys. He looks super cute, I wish I would have taken a picture. After shopping for way too long we came home and laid Eliza down. We laid out in the sun for about 30 minutes(gotta get some sun before we burn in Myrtle Beach) but then I started to melt so we came in and napped...the best nap we have had in months hands down.

She was so tired she fell asleep when I was changing her

Eliza woke up after about 2 hours so we headed back out to shop for me. I found a couple of cute dresses at Kohls. Here is one of them
 We also took Eliza to the pet store. I love the chain of these stores, they allow you to play with the animals in little rooms even if you have no plans to buy them. They don't push you at all, they straight out ask if you are there just to play. Eliza LOVED on this teacup poodle like she was meant to be ours. Luckily she didn't have a fit we told her to say goodbye, she just kissed her and walked away.

She has also been perfecting her cat chasing skills. She FINALLY caught the cat. I don't know if the cat just finally gave up knowing it was inevitable or if she got sneaky.

Sunday we decided to skip church. Eliza has had a bit of a runny nose from teething. Even though we know it is nothing contagious, we didn't want the other parents in nursery to worry. I know how frustrated I get when someone brings a sick child around Eliza. Instead we headed to the park early. It was supposed to be close to 90 so we wanted to get there before it was too warm. We had a great time walking and playing on the swings and slides. She also enjoyed running back and forth across the picnic table giving us hugs, she is the best! We got home just in time for her to nap. Mark ran errands and I watched dvr shows cleaned up. When she woke up we headed outside to play and do yard work. It got a little warm so we didn't stay out too long but she was forced played in her pool and chased Mark around the yard. After that we just hung out and played inside.

Running to give hugs

It was a great family weekend. I hope we have many many more of those!