Saturday, June 30, 2012

18 Months and Counting

Eliza Marie, you are 18 months old-1.5 years-6 months till 2. I think this might be my favorite age yet! There are days that you have your moments where mommy gets frustrated, but you are just teaching me the patience I have always needed.

I would love to write down all the words you say, but there are SO many I know I won't remember them all, but here are some of the newest ones:
  • phone
  • yes
  • car
  • beep beep
  • sheep-cow-pig-horse-chicken(and all of the noises they make)
  • Minute(when I tell you to hang on, you say "minnnnnnute")
  • Cookie-Elmo-Big Bird-Zoe-Abbie-Ernie-Bert, Sesame Street is your favorite
Some things you love to do:
  • Eat popsicles
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Go for walks
  • Wash your hands over and over(thanks Elmo)
  • Take baths
  • Go swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Climb on the couches
  • Touch mommies eyes...I wouldn't mind if you stopped this
  • Giving kisses and hugs to anything and everything
You are a GREAT sleeper. You sleep usually 8-8 every night. You take a nap from about 11-2 everyday as well. You tell me when you want to go to bed, which is so helpful.

You are a bit of a picky eater, I will keep working with you though.

You have all of your teeth except your 2 year molars, I hope those hold off for a bit so we can have a break!

You wear mostly 12 month clothing, size 4 disposable diapers at night, and cloth during the day.

In the past few months you have had A LOT of firsts:
  • First time going on the potty(you are doing great!)
  • First vacation-Myrtle Beach
  • First time seeing the ocean(you were terrified)
  • First time playing in the sand
  • First ice cream cone(you had ice cream, but never your own)
  • First balloon festival
  • First trip to the zoo
  • First bike ride
  • First boat ride
  • First picnic 

 Eliza, you are a dream come true. You are the best little girl anyone could ask for. You are sweet, HILLARIOUS, smart, beautiful, and so much more. I hope your personality only gets better. I hope your compassion only grows. I hope your love for animals is something that stays with you. I hope you love us as much as we love you!!

Here are some recent pictures of you!

Duck lips come at all ages

Friday, June 29, 2012

Eliza's Nursery

I had a plan for Eliza's room before she was born. I painted the room neutral(before I was even pregnant) and had a crib and dresser I bought from Craigs List. Once I was pregnant I realized I hated beige and the room was too small and the crib smelled.

So, I made Mark move his office into the beige room, sold the crib and dresser(for a profit) on Craigs List and started over.

I started with a new crib and dress. We got this before I was even pregnant and had it all set up. I still love it!

Then once we found out she was a girl I knew I wanted the room to be pink and white. That is totally typical girl, but I wanted her to be the girliest girl around! We had a family friend come in and paint her room, put up crown molding, chair railing, and wainscoting. I LOVE IT. What I love even more is when this becomes the next babies room(hopefully some day) all we have to do is paint over the pink and it is still beautiful!

I put up these shelves around the windows. The photos are of me when I was pregnant, and some strangers that came with the frame, I need to get on that. The clowns on the moon and the baby on the moon are each from mine and Mark's nurseries, we thought that would be a cute touch. The silver box resting on the moon is Eliza's "Papa". My Grandpa passed away a month before I got pregnant with Eliza. I wanted something in the room that represented him. The box has an Angel on the outside and in the box are a ring that my Papa gave my Nani with the initial E(her initial as well) in diamonds, there is also a gold angel coin in there. Eliza talks to Papa everyday.

I had her name done in chocolate vinyl for above her bed.

I had her bedding made from a woman on Etsy. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and this was perfect.

Mark found this frame when we were on our Babymoon. We left for vacation right from our ultrasound of finding out she was a girl, it was perfect that it was pink and this is a saying my mom always said to me. We wrote her name in rocks on the shore of Lake Michigan while on our trip.

This is the bookshelf, with way too many books shoved in it.

Last but not least is her closet. We put in this custom shelf system to add drawers and space. It is a bit cluttered right now as I am switching sizes.

Thanks Kelly for hosting SUYL Nursery this week. Hope you enjoy Eliza's room, feel free to contact me for more info on any of the things you see!

Pitty Party-Table of One

When I was little I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up...a mom. I also wanted to be a police officer, vet, nurse, singer, dancer, and I am sure many other things. As I have mentioned in the past, we did not have Eliza until we knew I could stay home from work. As much of a blessing as that is, and I know many moms wish they could, it is really hard for me.

I got my first job when I was 14. I worked at the hardware store in my town for almost 5 years. There were days I had to walk there because someone wasn't home to take me, but I wasn't going to call in. They were gracious and let me work weekends and holiday breaks from college.

After the hardware store I had 2 more jobs, each for a year but never time off in between, I went from one to another.

I then worked at a local Credit Union for 4 more years. When I lost my job there I was very sad, I didn't know what to do for work. Luckily I found the nanny job I did and then I became pregnant and had Eliza.

It has now been 19 months since I have worked, and it KILLS ME. I had worked consistently for almost 11 years, I am not used to this. The hard part for me isn't being home with Eliza, or not having adult interaction, it is the money.

Not providing my own money to the family is hard. Birthday gifts, Father's Day gifts, Christmas gifts are all because of Mark's money, he buys his own gifts technically. I feel guilty buying myself new clothes, or getting Eliza another toy. We have discussed different ways to budget so that I felt that some money was "mine", but it just doesn't seem right.

This has really gotten to me lately as we continue to look for a house. We found a house that we LOVE, but it is at the top of our budget. We agree that we would be pushing it and compromising the life style we have and enjoy(dinners out, vacations etc). I sat wondering how I could make money, but again I didn't come up with anything.

Last night Mark came to me with a plan. He discussed working more at night and weekends to be able to provide us with some more money each month. This broke my heart. The last thing he needs to do is work more. Yes, we would have the house we love, but he would never be home to enjoy it!

I must stress that the life we have now is pretty perfect. We have a very nice house, nice cars, all the extras anyone could dream of. Eliza has every toy from Toys R Us and every outfit Gymboree has ever made. The issue is that I do not feel the house we have is our home, it doesn't feel like it is where we should be forever. The neighborhood isn't what we want for our kids, and the children are even worse.

I hate to have this pitty party, and Mark provides more then we could ever need, I just wish I could feel as though I contribute.

Any stay at home moms ever have this feeling? I know I give more to Eliza then I could to the family financially and I am thankful for that. It is just difficult when you don't get an actual paycheck.

This year, the estimated salary worth for a stay-at-home mom is $112,962. Now, in no way do I think I deserve that, my cooking isn't the best, my house is usually a war zone, and you don't usually love your job this much. I will take getting paid in hugs and kisses, giggles and screams, and all the wonderful things that come with being a mom over $112,962 any day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Potty Training-Learning-Teaching

Whatever it is you call it, I need your wisdom! Eliza has been going on the potty for a few months now. It is nothing we push upon her, it is before and after bed and then if she tells me she needs to go. She does great at telling me, but usually while she is going or right after. I think this is wonderful as she isn't even 18months.

When we try and go potty she either instantly goes, or just wants to play with bath toys or look at books. I do not use rewards(besides lots of praise), but I am starting to wonder if that would boost her interest.

So this is why I come to you mommies....reward or no reward, that is the question!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Worries! Some Midweek Randoms

WOW! It has been a while since I posted. I don't know where time goes but I sure can't seem to keep up! This is going to be all over the place!

  • We are STILL trying to get the bathrooms finished. The contractors are arguing back and forth of who should have to pay to fix some of the damage they did.
  • We found a new neighborhood that is being built. It is nothing what we were looking for, but turns out to be working out. We are still getting details before we move forward with anything. 
  • I am debating on whether or not to do 18 month photos for Eliza or just wait until 2 years. I feel like she has already changed so much from her 1 year photos, I can't imagine how different she will be in another 6 months.
  • Seriously, how is she a year and a half?
  • We are having a serious heat wave here, it is nearing 100 this week.
  • Tomorrow kicks off our local Balloon Festival. I am SO excited!! Eliza has been the past 2 years, once in my belly, and once in her stroller. I can't wait for her to run around tomorrow.
This is the outfit I had made for tomorrow This is from Little Darling Designs

  • Eliza won this ADORABLE dress from SheSheMade, I can't wait for 4th of July for her to rock it!

  • Anyone else excited for Magic Mike?? I am not usually into this type of movie, but it looks good! A few friends are planning a girls night out to go see it!
  • How about the 50 Shades series?? I read the first 2 in one weekend(I did skip some of the more graphic pieces), but I haven't started #3 yet.
  • We went on our vacation last week. It was a wonderful time. Unfortunately Eliza cut 2 teeth while we were there, that made for tough meal times.

  • Eliza did NOT enjoy the ocean, it was too intimidating for her. She did however enjoy picking up mud and throwing it at people. 

  • She is getting SUCH a funny personality. She is so happy(besides when teething or trapped in a car for 15 hours). We went for a walk one morning on the beach and she was running up to people saying Hi. I love it
  • I will do a post all about our vacation, so much to tell you and show you.
  • I really wish I could find a MDO(mom's day out) here in Michigan. I want her to go to a Christian school for a few hours each week. I think it will help her with socialization, and me with sanity!
  • Mark and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Honestly, we celebrated by him cutting the grass, then driving the 15 hour trip. Maybe next year it will be a little more romantic! 

  • One last thing, the biggest of all. If you are the praying type, PLEASE go over to 2 Kids, a Mini Van and a Mortgage. Their daughter needs all of the prayers we can give. I am watching GOD work miracles with her.