Saturday, June 30, 2012

18 Months and Counting

Eliza Marie, you are 18 months old-1.5 years-6 months till 2. I think this might be my favorite age yet! There are days that you have your moments where mommy gets frustrated, but you are just teaching me the patience I have always needed.

I would love to write down all the words you say, but there are SO many I know I won't remember them all, but here are some of the newest ones:
  • phone
  • yes
  • car
  • beep beep
  • sheep-cow-pig-horse-chicken(and all of the noises they make)
  • Minute(when I tell you to hang on, you say "minnnnnnute")
  • Cookie-Elmo-Big Bird-Zoe-Abbie-Ernie-Bert, Sesame Street is your favorite
Some things you love to do:
  • Eat popsicles
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Go for walks
  • Wash your hands over and over(thanks Elmo)
  • Take baths
  • Go swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Climb on the couches
  • Touch mommies eyes...I wouldn't mind if you stopped this
  • Giving kisses and hugs to anything and everything
You are a GREAT sleeper. You sleep usually 8-8 every night. You take a nap from about 11-2 everyday as well. You tell me when you want to go to bed, which is so helpful.

You are a bit of a picky eater, I will keep working with you though.

You have all of your teeth except your 2 year molars, I hope those hold off for a bit so we can have a break!

You wear mostly 12 month clothing, size 4 disposable diapers at night, and cloth during the day.

In the past few months you have had A LOT of firsts:
  • First time going on the potty(you are doing great!)
  • First vacation-Myrtle Beach
  • First time seeing the ocean(you were terrified)
  • First time playing in the sand
  • First ice cream cone(you had ice cream, but never your own)
  • First balloon festival
  • First trip to the zoo
  • First bike ride
  • First boat ride
  • First picnic 

 Eliza, you are a dream come true. You are the best little girl anyone could ask for. You are sweet, HILLARIOUS, smart, beautiful, and so much more. I hope your personality only gets better. I hope your compassion only grows. I hope your love for animals is something that stays with you. I hope you love us as much as we love you!!

Here are some recent pictures of you!

Duck lips come at all ages