Friday, June 29, 2012

Eliza's Nursery

I had a plan for Eliza's room before she was born. I painted the room neutral(before I was even pregnant) and had a crib and dresser I bought from Craigs List. Once I was pregnant I realized I hated beige and the room was too small and the crib smelled.

So, I made Mark move his office into the beige room, sold the crib and dresser(for a profit) on Craigs List and started over.

I started with a new crib and dress. We got this before I was even pregnant and had it all set up. I still love it!

Then once we found out she was a girl I knew I wanted the room to be pink and white. That is totally typical girl, but I wanted her to be the girliest girl around! We had a family friend come in and paint her room, put up crown molding, chair railing, and wainscoting. I LOVE IT. What I love even more is when this becomes the next babies room(hopefully some day) all we have to do is paint over the pink and it is still beautiful!

I put up these shelves around the windows. The photos are of me when I was pregnant, and some strangers that came with the frame, I need to get on that. The clowns on the moon and the baby on the moon are each from mine and Mark's nurseries, we thought that would be a cute touch. The silver box resting on the moon is Eliza's "Papa". My Grandpa passed away a month before I got pregnant with Eliza. I wanted something in the room that represented him. The box has an Angel on the outside and in the box are a ring that my Papa gave my Nani with the initial E(her initial as well) in diamonds, there is also a gold angel coin in there. Eliza talks to Papa everyday.

I had her name done in chocolate vinyl for above her bed.

I had her bedding made from a woman on Etsy. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and this was perfect.

Mark found this frame when we were on our Babymoon. We left for vacation right from our ultrasound of finding out she was a girl, it was perfect that it was pink and this is a saying my mom always said to me. We wrote her name in rocks on the shore of Lake Michigan while on our trip.

This is the bookshelf, with way too many books shoved in it.

Last but not least is her closet. We put in this custom shelf system to add drawers and space. It is a bit cluttered right now as I am switching sizes.

Thanks Kelly for hosting SUYL Nursery this week. Hope you enjoy Eliza's room, feel free to contact me for more info on any of the things you see!


Jenn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a cute room. I havent posted my babies rooms, yet, but one of them has a pink, white and black room. I wanted to go all girly as well! Fun!

Natasha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is a super-cute room. I love all the meaning of everything on the shelves.