Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kick It Into Gear

Not just gear, high gear...the highest you can go!!!

Today while reading the local news my stomach sank! Our county has approved a plan to add on and off ramps East and West bound to our local express way from the street we live off of. The amount of traffic that is going to bring by our house is going to be OUT OF CONTROL!!! I can't even imagine how frustrating it will be. Then the thought of living with the construction for the next year and a half makes me sick!

We are about a mile North of this intersection. UGH

So it is final. We are moving. There are no more maybes, I am out of here!

On Sunday I prayed during church for God to give me an answer. I felt bad that I was constantly asking him to move us, he had a plan whether I kept asking or not. I told him, please just give me a sign so I can stop asking. This morning I got notice on our listings that the neighborhood we love is starting with new listings. They are right in our price range and the perfect location. I took that as a little sign and started working harder around the house to get it ready. Then tonight when I read the paper it was God slapping me in the face. GET OUT!! So here we go!

We have contacted a few workers we need to come to fix some things, I have bought paint and asked people to help with E while I work, and we are getting this house sold!

I pray this will work out, I pray this is the right decision for our family, but most of all I thank the Lord for his promise of always taking care of us.

Here goes nothing EVERYTHING!