Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lets Connect

Just a follow up to my post about GFC being gone. I have added RSS feed follower on the right hand side, and you can also subscribe by email over there too.

 I have also joined Twitter. It started more for me to follow my favorite football player, then turned into my way to do something special with my Uncle, and now I think I will add in my blog. So go find me, would love to connect with more of you! You can find me at @KalynErnest(I know, not too original). Don't laugh at all my football tweets, I just can't help how excited I am for this season!!

OH MY WORD: While typing this I decided to look up if they have decided a date for the first home game(it was TBD) it is 8-10, I would normally be thrilled but that is the same day as The Wiggles concert we are taking Eliza to. I AM HYPERVENTILATING!!!!! Eliza won't notice if I sneak out right? :)